The 2018 CFL schedule…

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is right here.

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Trump is not Putin’s bride; Putin is not Trump’s groom

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The Washington Post’s deeply researched story about President Trump’s attitude toward Russia demands your attention.

The story details how Trump, even before he was sworn in, was unwilling to hear anything that would suggest the Kremlin had assisted in his election victory.

Told that members of his incoming Cabinet had already publicly backed the intelligence report on Russia, Trump shot back, “So what?” Admitting that the Kremlin had hacked Democratic Party emails, he said, was a “trap.”

Trump’s dismissal of such Russian interference also permeates throughout the government apparatus.

Trump has never convened a Cabinet-level meeting on Russian interference or what to do about it, administration officials said. Although the issue has been discussed at lower levels at the National Security Council, one former high-ranking Trump administration official said there is an unspoken understanding within the NSC that to raise the matter is to acknowledge its validity, which the president would see as an affront.

The Washington Post suggests that the Kremlin’s effort to destabilize the 2016 U.S. presidential election might have cost no more than $500,000. And within Russian government circles, the effort is seen as a successful operation.

The feeble American response has registered with the Kremlin.

U.S. officials said that a stream of intelligence from sources inside the Russian government indicates that Putin and his lieutenants regard the 2016 “active measures” campaign — as the Russians describe such covert propaganda operations — as a resounding, if incomplete, success. …

“Putin has to believe this was the most successful intelligence operation in the history of Russian or Soviet intelligence,” said Andrew Weiss, a former adviser on Russia in the George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations who is now at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “It has driven the American political system into a crisis that will last years.”

Trump’s stubbornness, and that might not be the best word to use in this case, relating to Russia and the election has been displayed often in the Oval Office.

On sensitive matters related to Russia, senior advisers have at times adopted what one official described as a policy of “don’t walk that last 5½feet” — meaning to avoid entering the Oval Office and giving Trump a chance to erupt or overrule on issues that can be resolved by subordinates.

What are we left with?

You can count me among those who do not believe that the Russians have compromising information about Trump; I don’t believe there is a secret sex tape, for example. Yes, the president likely had business deals with Russia that might have been of a questionable nature, but I don’t think those would be enough to, for lack of a better word, blackmail the president.

Rather, I believe Trump sees Putin as a kind-of kindred spirit, and the Washington Post’s story does note that Trump sees the leaders of Russia, Turkey and China as men like him: Strong, decisive, resolute.

Sadly, Trump cannot accept that as president, he can like people all he wants, but he also must regard the detailed information he gets from his advisers as factual.

Now, as for the bride and groom comment, the Washington Post reports that it developed out of a shared frustration that Trump and he have shown regarding the continued fracture of U.S.-Russian relations:

Putin expressed his own exasperation in early September, responding to a question about Trump with a quip that mocked the idea of a Trump-Putin bond while aiming a gender-related taunt at the American president. Trump “is not my bride,” Putin said, “and I am not his groom.”





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The Washington Post: News media offers consistently warped portrayals of black families, study finds

Should we be surprised?

As the Washington Post reports,

Major media outlets routinely present a distorted picture of black families — portraying them as dependent and dysfunctional — while white families are more likely to be depicted as sources of social stability, according to the report released Wednesday by the racial justice organization Color of Change.

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Ex-NFL star Johnson soon another tragic CTE case?

Larry Johnson was a bruising running back.

He ran hard.

He was tough to bring down.

He’s not yet 40, and he’s thought about killing himself.

As the Washington Post reports,

On this afternoon, he shuffles closer to the ledge, past the drainage fixture a foot or so from the glass barrier. His body is tingling, he says; his thoughts are filled with static.

“They say when you die,” Johnson says, looking down toward Southeast 1st Avenue, “you feel that euphoric feeling.”

Closer now. He’s frightened, less of the fall than the direction of his own mind.

“What would it be like,” he says, “for this to be the day for people to find out you’re not here?”

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Alabama’s election last night was…

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Roy Moore refuses to concede, encourages supporters to trust God

Anyone expecting pedophile Judge Roy Moore to admit defeat in his U.S. Senate race are disappointed.

Despite Doug Jones winning by more than 20,000 votes — or roughly 1.5% of the vote — Moore told his supporters that he would wait until the state’s Secretary of State certified the election, and he hinted that he was prepared to contest the results.

He soon then quoted Scripture, suggesting that God always lifted up people when they were down.

Remember, on Tuesday, Alabama voters said no to a Republican and yes to a Democrat. Nevertheless, Moore was not at all subtle in suggesting that the election was some flawed.

Before Moore spoke, the President of the United States took the high road, or as high a road as he can take.

Already disgraced within and outside his party, Moore appears determined to point the blame for his loss at unseen diabolical forces rather than at himself.

We should not be surprised that someone who has been such a creep would do that.

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BREAKING: WaPo reporters booted from Roy Moore election night event

Birmingham TV reporter Lauren Walsh tweets




Hateful of First Amendment.

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