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Russian politicians hacked off…with British filmmakers

As RFE/RL reports, a group of politicians in Russia is not at all happy with mocking the death of Josef Stalin. And when British filmmakers want to do it, well… Adapted from a French graphic novel and directed by Scottish-born … Continue reading

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British academician: Wow, voting for Brexit has hurt me

An unnamed British academic has written an op-ed in the Guardian, in which he or she reviews what has happened since outing himself or herself as voting for Brexit. The person states When I’m in the mood for debate or … Continue reading

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Flags fly; anger ensues

There are few things that Nigel Farage and I agree upon, but I side with him when he says that efforts to undermine Brexit in the UK are wrong. The former leader of UKIP was thrilled when voters in the United … Continue reading

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The next time you are in Manchester…

…be sure to get a selfie with Engels. What? The New York Times can explain. After 147 years, Friedrich Engels is back in town. Statues of Engels, Karl Marx’s collaborator, may have been ripped down all over the former communist world, … Continue reading

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The next time someone tells you that he or she is an Oxford graduate…

…make sure the degree was earned. The Times reports that a couple of unsavory characters have succeeded in exploiting the Oxford name for their personal gain. The business, which is run by a father and son from offices in Ukraine … Continue reading

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Survey: It’s the best, but I don’t want it

Imagine identifying something that you thought was the best at what it did, but then refusing to take advantage of it. Let’s allow the Press Gazette to explain. “While it goes a long way to positively demonstrate the freethinking, self-influential … Continue reading

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Man attacks Muslim woman; court sends him to jail

This guy is a piece of work. While I doubt his time in jail will change him, it will at least guarantee that for the length of the sentence no other woman will face the same vile assault. The Independent … Continue reading

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