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Brexit bites, again: UK PM May folds on the international stage

No matter your opinion of U.K. voters to ditch the European Union, the realities of that vote are becoming clearer each day. As the negotiations continue between the Brits and European leaders about the details of the U.K’s divorce from … Continue reading

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UK PM May is angry about fake news

The following is taken from today’s “The Media Today” newsletter, distributed by the Columbia Journalism Review: President Donald Trump regularly rails against the “fake news” he says is published by The New York Times and CNN, but so far the … Continue reading

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Wait, what: “A re-run of Soviet-style socialism-in-one-country”

The Guardian suggests that liberals in one European nation might soon see “a re-run of Soviet-style socialism-in-one-country.” Oh, and conservatives also might get what they want. Far from frightening many in the Leave camp, the move to WTO rules holds little for … Continue reading

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Britain to write a check to the European Union for up to €50 billion

British voters opted about 18 months ago to leave the European Union. Prime minister Theresa May continues to deal with that ramifications of that vote And The Times reports that an important agreement with EU leaders has been reached. Theresa … Continue reading

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Um, Parliament…get it together

We know the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. But when? Parliament began that conversation on Tuesday, and as Reuters reports Parliament started hours of debate on Tuesday by arguing over when the two-year negotiating period for Brexit should … Continue reading

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You think Donald Trump’s administration has issues? (Yes, he does, but that’s another story.)

The Los Angeles Times reports that another Western leader is facing criticisms from within and outside. “I think we’ve come to the point where she can’t afford too many more crises like this. It’s beginning to look like she’s losing … Continue reading

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Uh, oh: The prime minister hacked off the Queen. This will not end well.

The Times reports that Buckingham Palace is not happy with 10 Downing Street. Senior courtiers were exasperated that May misled the Queen by saying she had a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), only to take another 17 days … Continue reading

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