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U.K. might order RT off the air in that country

An excerpt from today’s Morning Media Newsfeed, produced by AdWeek. British regulators have launched an investigation into whether Russian state-backed news channel RT breached broadcasting standards in its coverage of the poisoning of a former spy. (WSJ) Ofcom is investigating … Continue reading

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Russian foreign minister Lavrov is right: U.S., Russian relations are in awful shape; Министр иностранных дел России Лавров прав: США, российские отношения находятся в ужасной форме

Charges and counter-charges. Claims and counter-claims. Accusations and counter-accusations. The U.S. and Russia certainly are quick to point a finger of blame at each other these days. Each is convinced that the other is a dangerous actor on the world … Continue reading

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U.S., UK, FRA coordinate strike on Syria (and I approve)

By now, you’re aware that the United States joined with the United Kingdom and France in a coordinated missile attack on two facilities that American officials say stored chemical weapons in Syria. Count me among those who support President’s decision … Continue reading

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Russia, UK make sports political. Great. Just great.

By now you are well aware that the United Kingdom and Russia are angry at each other. The Brits have accused the Russians of poisoning a former Russian agent, who now lives in London, and his daughter. The Russians say … Continue reading

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Statues call attention to suicide

The Washington Post has the details. Achieving our goal of male suicide prevention requires everybody to take a stand. CALM has been campaigning and providing support services for 11 years, but, try as we might, it isn’t enough to tackle … Continue reading

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Adios, EU: UK appears ready to finalize deal to divorce from European Union

Reuters takes a look at the framework of the deal. May’s prime goal has been to secure the political accord that will now leave Britain essentially a non-voting EU member until the end of 2020 to ease concerns for business. … Continue reading

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Get your racism out of here

As Al Jazeera reports, a powerful message against racism was delivered in one of the world’s great cities today. Protesters gathered near Oxford Circus on Saturday for the Stand Up To Racism march to oppose growing racism, islamophobia and anti-Semitism. … Continue reading

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