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Trump’s not welcomed at Notre Dame, but he is at Liberty University

The University of Notre Dame told President Trump that he wasn’t going to deliver the commencement address this spring. That’s a break with tradition, as I noted in my recent blog post, because the past six presidents have been invited … Continue reading

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ABC News: FBI director Comey to blow huge hole in Trump’s wiretapping claims

The story from ABC News begins with this: Within the first minutes of a much-anticipated House hearing Monday, FBI Director James Comey is expected to officially undercut the wiretapping allegations that have been promoted by the White House for more … Continue reading

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Columnist, to Trump: Mexico’s payback could be a you-know-what

Arizona Republic columnist Elvia Diaz has a warning for President Trump: Mexico could make provide a whole lot of headaches for your administration. In the past few days, Mexican government officials began talking tougher against the United States while prominent … Continue reading

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If Trump gets his way…

…then 19 federally funded programs will go away. The Los Angeles Times has the list, which includes the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Nothing will happen until Congress and the White House make a deal, to borrow one of the president’s … Continue reading

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The judge in Hawaii did the right thing, you say? Well…

…writing in The Atlantic, David Frum says a dangerous legal precedent that could have consequences unforeseen and unwanted. Frum contends that under any other president than Donald Trump, it seems impossible that a federal judge would have expressed such certitude—or … Continue reading

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Trump off the rails again, and Americans should remain vigilant in asking why

Donald Trump went rogue, or maybe beyond rogue, again when he took to Twitter to claim that his predecessor had his phones tapped during the 2016 presidential election. (You can find his tweets at the bottom of this blog post.) It … Continue reading

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Trump has been unbelievably good for journalism. So far.

At some point, every president enters a black or white stage with the public: The president is either loved or hated, and there’s not much that will move people from their positions. But no president has seen those opinions lock … Continue reading

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