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A visit to the National Portrait Gallery

Sunday brought a day off from The Washington Center’s Inside Washington academic seminar. With bright sunny skies and warmer temperatures, it was a great time to get out and see some of the city. I eventually made my way to … Continue reading

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Photo Antiquities, Pittsburgh

If you’re a U.S. history buff, I have a place for you. If you’re a photography buff, I have a place for you. If you are fascinated by Lincoln’s presidency, I have a place for you. It’s called Photo Antiquities, … Continue reading

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Osaka mayor rips San Francisco for recognizing history

The Washington Post reports that a 60-year friendly relationship between San Francisco and Osaka appears to be ending. “Our relationship of trust was completely destroyed,” Yoshimura said, according to the Asahi Shimbun. “I will dissolve the sister-city relationship.” The move … Continue reading

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On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution

Whatever goals the leaders of the Soviet Union might have had for their country never materialized. Blame Lenin or Stalin, Brezhnev or Gorbachev, it doesn’t matter; the Soviet Union was corrupt and hollow. The heady days of November 1917 that … Continue reading

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He wrote Nazi invasion of Poland “didn’t look bad for Jews.” Now…

…he’s been honored by his country. RT sorts out this mess. The story surfaced after Anna Zalewska, Poland’s National Education Minister, awarded Tomasz Panfil, a history professor at the Catholic University of Lublin, with a ministerial medal for his “special contribution … Continue reading

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The last czar, Stalin, movies and…controversy?

  That old line “he who controls the past controls the future” needs to be amended. At least it does when it comes to modern day Russia. Under Vladimir Putin, he who controls the present dictates how the past will … Continue reading

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Is the traditional “Western Civ” class racist?

Inside Higher Ed reports that as one college decides what to do with a signature Humanities class — that has always had a Western orientation — a group of students continues to demand it be changed. Roger Porter, a professor … Continue reading

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