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When those apps request access to your phone or laptops camera or microphone, tell them NO NO NO!

There is no polite way to say this: If you’re not changing some of your social media habits and seeking ways to increase your level of privacy while using your smartphone or computer, then you’re an idiot. The evidence is … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley techies, to Google and Facebook: Quit messing with kids!

The New York Times has the details. The effect of technology, especially on younger minds, has become hotly debated in recent months. In January, two big Wall Street investors asked Apple to study the health effects of its products and … Continue reading

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URGENT: New York Times: Multiple Trump advisers have used private email servers

The New York Times posted the following at 8:13 p.m. EDT: At least six of President Trump’s closest advisers occasionally used private email addresses to discuss White House matters, current and former officials said on Monday. Officials are supposed to use … Continue reading

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He often warned people not to use email; oh, yeah, he also met with Trump

The New York Times has the details. While not, he insisted, an expert in the technical aspects of hacking nor, a spy, [he] talked openly about how he had worked with a counterintelligence unit while serving with the Red Army … Continue reading

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Union, to faculty: Do NOT use the email system

What in the world? Or, maybe it’s better to ask where in the world? Inside Higher Ed has the details. While the old acceptable-use policy stipulated that employees only needed to use the official university email for sensitive personal information … Continue reading

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Who needs people if a robot can do the job!

The Guardian reports that close to 50 Sky News and Sky Sports staff are heading to the unemployment line. The proposals, announced to affected staff on Thursday, would see 46 roles scrapped but 31 created in areas such as “automation … Continue reading

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Passwords? We don’t need no stinking (Yahoo! Mail) passwords!

To be more precise, Yahoo! doesn’t think you need a password. The San Jose Mercury News explains. Yahoo’s solution is designed to be simpler than the typical two-factor authentication process, which is safer than conventional passwords but has a learning … Continue reading

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