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Sen. Graham adds fuel to (non-existent) fire about U.S. boycott of the 2018 Olympics

Sen. Lindsey Graham is playing politics. That’s not new. But he’s playing politics with the Olympic Games. And there’s not a lot of evidence to suggest the man has the knowledge needed to be doing so. Sen. Graham brought back … Continue reading

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Ouch. Critics call him “Putin’s American apologist.”

Meet Stephen Cohen, a scholar extraordinaire about Russia. But the Chronicle of Higher Education reports Cohen has many critics, who believe he is too soft on the Kremlin. Writing in The New Republic, Isaac Chotiner called Cohen “Putin’s American apologist.” Jonathan Chait in New … Continue reading

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China and the Soviet Union were allies, and then weren’t, on an important issue

The Wilson Center explores an interesting era of world history: when China and the Soviet Union found cooperation in their mutual interest. And then it ended. From the outset, Sino-Soviet nuclear cooperation was marked by political expediency on both sides. … Continue reading

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He often warned people not to use email; oh, yeah, he also met with Trump

The New York Times has the details. While not, he insisted, an expert in the technical aspects of hacking nor, a spy, [he] talked openly about how he had worked with a counterintelligence unit while serving with the Red Army … Continue reading

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If Lenin had been on Facebook

A good spot o’humor here

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Stalin! Stalin! We like you!

The Wilson Center’s Maxim Trudolyubov suggests that it’s not hard to understand why Russians still revere Joseph Stalin, more than 60 years after his death. As he sees it, it simply takes a little imagination. Russians are not mad. It … Continue reading

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You are not alone in missing the Soviet Union

Wait. I didn’t say I was part of that group. But there are people who miss the Soviet Union. The Washington Post has the story. The last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, recently gave interviews in which he criticized Western inaction over … Continue reading

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