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She interviewed 100 convicted rapists. Her opinions might surprise you.

The Washington Post reports that one woman — bothered by the rampant number of rapes in her country — wanted some answers. So she talked to the men in prison for those crimes. You’ll be surprised when she says, “Everyone’s … Continue reading

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Does “no” not mean “no” in North Carolina?

A perspective from a college student (whom I know) that you’ll find eye opening. The United States of America already has a problem with rape victims/survivors not being believed. Since 1979, women’s rights in North Carolina in regards to sexual … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Wall Street Journal: FOX News ready to jettison Bill O’Reilly

Keep something in mind as you read this Wall Street Journal story. The newspaper and FOX News have the same owner. A final decision on Mr. O’Reilly’s fate could come as early as the next several days, the people said. … Continue reading

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Purdue expels three football players linked to sexual assault

FOX 59 reports that although three Purdue football players will not be charged for sexual assault, they have been expelled from the school and kicked off the team in connection with an alleged sexual assault. According to the law firm … Continue reading

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He raped her. Now, they are writing a book about what happened after they reconnected.

This story from the Irish Independent will be difficult for some to read, but I think important for everyone to read. “It took me years to realise that only one thing could have stopped me from being raped that night, … Continue reading

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New York Times: Documents show FOX settled sexual harassment claims against O’Reilly

Wow, FOX News must have been quite the place to be…if you were a male and into sexual harassment. We already know that the culture of sexual harassment led to Roger Ailes getting the boot as the chairman of FOX … Continue reading

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VOTE: University of Minnesota football players threaten bowl game boycott

The University of Minnesota football team said on Thursday night it is prepared to boycott its bowl game. The players made their decision after university leaders announced 10 Golden Gopher football players were suspended after an investigation into alleged sexual … Continue reading

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