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If the 2018 World Cup tournament plays out as I want it to, then..

…this is what will happen in Russia from the middle of June through the middle of July. Remember, as you read this that you’re looking at how I want the tournament to play out. For a look at my actual … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Russian police detain Navalny, arrest 1,000 in rally against Putin

AFP has the details. The 41-year-old protest leader was detained along with a number of his supporters as a huge crowd packed a central square in Moscow to protest Putin’s swearing ceremony on Monday. As police grabbed Navalny some supporters … Continue reading

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Now this is just damn dumb: Russians can’t get visas to visit the United States

The Washington Post has the story. A year ago, obtaining a U.S. tourist visa could take less than a week…. Now, it comes with an eight-month delay. Since last month’s expulsion of 60 U.S. diplomats, and the closure of the … Continue reading

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The Democrats’ frivolous lawsuit against Trump, WikiLeaks and Russia

There’s an old political joke that goes something like this: Give the Democrats a chance to blow an opportunity, and they will. (If someone knows the exact words, please reply to this blog post with that information.) Filing a lawsuit … Continue reading

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Russian embassy in U.S. takes jab at Washington, invites Americans to Russia

The message came in the form of a tweet: Washington prefers to cut ties between our people including by creating visa obstacles. No awkward attempts can veil or justify that vicious course of action.We are happy to welcome Americans coming … Continue reading

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Russian foreign minister Lavrov is right: U.S., Russian relations are in awful shape; Министр иностранных дел России Лавров прав: США, российские отношения находятся в ужасной форме

Charges and counter-charges. Claims and counter-claims. Accusations and counter-accusations. The U.S. and Russia certainly are quick to point a finger of blame at each other these days. Each is convinced that the other is a dangerous actor on the world … Continue reading

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U.S. to slap more sanctions against Russia on Monday

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but be sure you also say that the president is not hesitant to use economic sanctions as a potent political weapon. And he’s ready to use those sanctions against Russia, whose leader supposedly … Continue reading

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