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The Russians are loving the “take a knee” debate

The number of media reports suggesting that Russia is attempting to heighten discord in the U.S. and other western democracies grow by the day. Those efforts are working. Look around the world, and you’ll see western governments dealing with restive … Continue reading

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The last czar, Stalin, movies and…controversy?

  That old line “he who controls the past controls the future” needs to be amended. At least it does when it comes to modern day Russia. Under Vladimir Putin, he who controls the present dictates how the past will … Continue reading

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You knew this would happen: Russia sends warning to U.S. journalists in that country that…

…they are likely to face restrictions. Reuters outlines the reasons. The foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the full weight of the U.S. authorities was being brought to bear against RT’s operations in the United States, and that Moscow had … Continue reading

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Bravo, Vladimir: You forced a journalist to flee the country

Writing in the Moscow Times, a journalist explains why she could no longer remain in her native Russia. I left because I was horrified by people’s lack of responsibility. My departure from Russia comes as a surprise — even to … Continue reading

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Russian politicians hacked off…with British filmmakers

As RFE/RL reports, a group of politicians in Russia is not at all happy with mocking the death of Josef Stalin. And when British filmmakers want to do it, well… Adapted from a French graphic novel and directed by Scottish-born … Continue reading

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Russia, to U.S. diplomats: NO PARKING FOR YOU!

Infantile. In my opinion, that’s what the dispute about each side’s embassy and consular staffs has now become. The Associated Press reports that the latest “I’m taking my ball and going home” action was undertaken by the Russians, who have … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin. A man of peace?

Is it possible that the West has misunderstood Russian president Vladimir Putin all along? (Snicker.) Is he really a man of peace? (Snort.) As the Globe and Mail reports, In U.S. policy circles, the answer is obvious. He is, once … Continue reading

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