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YOUR VOTE: Supreme Court sides with baker in refusing to bake cake for gay couple’s wedding

Okay, my friends…time for you to vote. As Reuters notes, The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory on narrow grounds to a Colorado baker who refused based on his Christian beliefs to make a wedding cake for a … Continue reading

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Attention, America: “Project Blitz” is growing, and it likely is unconstitutional

The Guardian takes a look at the issue. The emboldened religious right has unleashed a wave of legislation across the United States since Donald Trump became president, as part of an organised bid to impose hardline Christian values across American … Continue reading

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Here’s a twist: Catholic leaders in one country arguing against displaying crucifixes

Oh, yes, my friends, politics and religion do mix. Whether they should is another story. Check out what Reuters reports is taking place in Germany. Roman Catholic leaders and other religious groups in Germany have joined a chorus critical of … Continue reading

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A MUST read: The Falwells own a LGBT-friendly hostel

The Falwell family — openly and proudly Christian, and sitting at the apex of the administration of Liberty University — own a pro-LGBT hostel. Morally questionable, no? Politico notes that the hostel is just one example of ethically squishy business … Continue reading

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Looking for a Republican rabbi? Look far and wide.

The New York Times summarizes a recent survey examining the political preferences of the leaders of America’s most popular religions. (For what it’s worth, you won’t find Islam on the list, and the reason is mentioned in the story.) “It’s a … Continue reading

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God and the Games (I was interviewed for this story)

The 2016 Rio Olympics begin today. The Religion News Service published a story on the historical association between the Olympics and religion. I was interviewed for the piece. “The Olympic Games is the international sports event because of the diversity … Continue reading

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How simple (or is it?) to forgive

At Mass today, the priest reminded everyone in attendance of the power of forgiveness and showing mercy. He relayed the story of how then Pope John Paul II met with the man who weeks earlier had attempted to murder him. … Continue reading

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