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Racism, alive and well

The Los Angeles Times examines how racist attitudes permeate in one country. …when children see him walking in the street they sometimes cross to the other side. Others laugh or point. Landlords have refused to rent to him, and shopkeepers … Continue reading

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Richard Spencer and his friends troll Jewish woman and “lying Jew media”

The Los Angeles Times has the details. The suit alleges that Anglin published a string of articles urging his “horde” of anonymous followers to inflict a “troll storm” on Tanya Gersh and her family, invading her privacy, intentionally inflicting emotional … Continue reading

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She was searched and searched and searched. She’s Muslim. She was traveling to Turkey. Profiling, anyone?

You’ve likely never met Lubana Adi. You likely wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a crowd. But if you want to know what profiling looks like, then you should read what she wrote in the Los Angeles Times … Continue reading

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A racist and an illegal immigrant on a college campus

He is one of America’s more polarizing figures. He embraces every possible position in opposition to political correctness; he taunts gays and lesbians; he espouses racism; he denounces people who are not in the U.S. legally. He is Milo Yiannopoulos. … Continue reading

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White supremacist shows up at Texas A&M; group protesting him dwarfs his audience

The Chronicle of Higher Education has the story. Wearing crisp blue jeans, a white button-down shirt with rolled cuffs and a tan vest, the man who coined the term “alt-right” seemed to revel in the attention he was getting while, … Continue reading

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Fake “Federal N***** Hunting License” roils Pittsburgh-area school district

KDKA-TV has the details. The student has not been identified, but the school has already taken disciplinary action. The student is no longer at the school, but it is unclear if they were suspended or expelled.

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An ugly three weeks for the Mt. Lebanon School District

Three weeks ago, American voters chose Donald Trump to be their next president. Since then, at least three racist incidents have taken place in the Mt. Lebanon School District. Mt. Lebanon is about six miles south of Pittsburgh; it is … Continue reading

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