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UPDATE: Nicholas Fuentes drops out of Boston U., says he’s heading to Auburn U. in the spring reports that Nicholas Fuentes has decided where he wants to continue his college education. Fuentes is the young man who claimed he had to drop out of Boston University because he was getting death threats after being identified as … Continue reading

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“Racist” video sends Indian-Chinese relations lower

The BBC has the story. Titled “7 Sins of India”, the video stars female presenter, Dier Wang, who lists out China’s grievances against India in the ongoing border dispute in the Doklam area, which borders China, India and Bhutan. It is the … Continue reading

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The Anne Frank Center calls on President Trump to man up

This tweet demands your attention (and the president’s): Our full statement on the evil hatemongers in Charlottesville, with a litmus test we present to @POTUS. — Anne Frank Center (@AnneFrankCenter) August 12, 2017

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Ditch “Lynch?” Even when it refers to a family? Is this political correctness?

The Los Angeles Times reports that officials in one school district are thinking about changing the names of some local schools. And the reason seems dubious. His former school, Lynch View Elementary, looks much as it did more than a … Continue reading

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Uh, oh. The protests at one major university are over. But the fallout continues.

The New York Times reports that at one large public university, the protests have long since ended, but the fallout is continuing. Students complaining of official inaction in the face of racial bigotry joined forces with a graduate student on … Continue reading

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Is Boston a racist city? Well…

…that answer is a bit complicated. The Boston Globe explores the divided opinions on an always controversial topic. Race has been a long-vexing problem for Boston, from the 1950s Red Sox’ insistence on becoming the last major-league team to sign … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Social media rep for St. Louis Blues shuts down racist remark (language NSF Kids)

It happened during Game 1 of the NHL Western Conference Semifinal series between the Nashville Predators and the St. Louis Blues. When Nashville’s P. K. Subban scored to make it 2-0, the score was noted by the official Blues’ Twitter … Continue reading

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