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Black students at Temple University report bananas being left on their dorm doors

The Temple News reports On Monday, a banana was left on the door handle of a room of four Black students. A similar incident where another banana was left at a dorm room in Morgan Hall occurred later this week, … Continue reading

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Clemson professor goes on stupid rant; calls all Republicans racist and scum

Nope, identifying an entire class of people and giving them a single (and negative) label isn’t going to work. That applies to white supremacists. But it also applies to all of us. A Clemson professor would be wise to remember … Continue reading

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He’s a CEO. He’s an American citizen. Idiots told him to “go back to India!”

The Chicago Tribune reports that unless your skin pigmentation is white, you are susceptible to racist taunts in Donald Trump’s America. “I recently told the New York Times I was ‘rooting’ for certain aspects of Trump’s economic agenda,” Gandhi wrote. “After Charlottesville and … Continue reading

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White supremacist Nicholas Fuentes might never attend Auburn U.

Nicholas Fuentes is one of the darlings of the alt-right, and he’s only 19 years old. He says that “multiculturalism is cancer.” He claims he’s received death threats for taking part in the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. But … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Nicholas Fuentes drops out of Boston U., says he’s heading to Auburn U. in the spring reports that Nicholas Fuentes has decided where he wants to continue his college education. Fuentes is the young man who claimed he had to drop out of Boston University because he was getting death threats after being identified as … Continue reading

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“Racist” video sends Indian-Chinese relations lower

The BBC has the story. Titled “7 Sins of India”, the video stars female presenter, Dier Wang, who lists out China’s grievances against India in the ongoing border dispute in the Doklam area, which borders China, India and Bhutan. It is the … Continue reading

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The Anne Frank Center calls on President Trump to man up

This tweet demands your attention (and the president’s): Our full statement on the evil hatemongers in Charlottesville, with a litmus test we present to @POTUS. — Anne Frank Center (@AnneFrankCenter) August 12, 2017

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