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Hey, Pittsburgh (and other cities): Critics say Amazon is a bad idea

I’m more than a bit fed up with people telling me that I shouldn’t be rooting for Pittsburgh to become the home of Amazon’s second headquarters. Earlier this week, my wife and I heard author Sherman Alexie deliver two speeches … Continue reading

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Is Pittsburgh big enough to support two sports-intensive websites?

The departure on Thursday of a popular and respected hockey writer from a current sports-only website in Pittsburgh to a soon-to-be competitor became quite the story in the Steel City. The decision by Josh Yohe to abandon DK Pittsburgh Sports … Continue reading

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White supremacists prepare to rally in Pittsburgh, eight other cities

New York Magazine has the details. The “march” will be directed at Google facilities in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., in addition to the company’s headquarters, GooglePlex, in Mountain View, California. The protests, … Continue reading

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A tour of Woodville Plantation

After enjoying the re-enactment of the Whiskey Rebellion at Woodville Plantation today, my wife and I enjoyed a tour of the house. Enjoy a few photos.

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Got to see a rebellion today

My wife and I took in a rebellion today. Okay, it was a re-enactment of the Whiskey Rebellion, hosted by the Woodville Plantation, in Bridgeville, PA. Enjoy a few photos.

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Not cool. At all. Rep. Tim Murphy’s office vandalized.

No matter how much you might dislike your elected political official, you are never justified damaging his or her office space. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the story of just such an attack in southwestern Pennsylvania. Police Lt. Duane Fisher said … Continue reading

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A visit to Old St. Luke’s Church, Carnegie, PA.

The number of times my wife or I have driven past Old St. Luke’s Church in Carnegie, PA., is likely in the hundreds. And numerous times the much better half has told me that she’d like to stop in and … Continue reading

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