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Uh, oh. Photographer Marcio Cabral outed… as a fraud.

NPR explains why a prize-winning photograph is now considered stuffed with lies. The shot is stunning at first glance. In the top half of the frame, stars hang like a spangled canopy above the vast grasslands, which would be desolate … Continue reading

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A Washington photo essay

One of the highlights of any academic seminar hosted by The Washington Center is the tour of the city. That tour took place today. Yes, the nation’s capital is cold. And, yes, that means when you get off the tour … Continue reading

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A few favorite photos from 2017

As 2017 winds down, there will be memories, good and bad, of the past (now almost) 365 days. A few of my favorite memories captured in a photo are highlighted here. They are in chronological order: JANUARY: A squirrel that … Continue reading

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Photo Antiquities, Pittsburgh

If you’re a U.S. history buff, I have a place for you. If you’re a photography buff, I have a place for you. If you are fascinated by Lincoln’s presidency, I have a place for you. It’s called Photo Antiquities, … Continue reading

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An early fall?

If this photo, taken today at the entrance to the Toledo Zoo, is any indicator, fall might get here early this year. (Please make it so!)

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Mishawaka, Indiana

On a drive to Chicago on Tuesday, my family and I made a stretch-our-legs break in Mishawaka, IN., located about 10 miles east of South Bend. Enjoy a few photos.

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No country throws a “parade” like North Korea does

Check out the Guardian’s photo essay detailing the celebration in North Korea that followed a successful ICBM test. No word whether the celebration was at all tempered by President Trump’s claim that a “very severe” response from the West was … Continue reading

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