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The NFL continues to miss the point: You are not legally required to stand for the national anthem

The No Fun League is at it again: It has issued a new rule regarding players and the national anthem. The policy requires players who come out of the locker room before a game to stand for the national anthem, … Continue reading

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Nevada gubernatorial candidate: No roads for the Raiders

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Nevada is no fan of the Oakland Raiders moving to his state. And he’s ready to do something about it, if he wins. In an interview with the Las … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick decide to have dinner together

CK: “How’s baseball going?” TT: “Hey, I’m playing baseball and living in Florida. Life ain’t bad. What are you up to?” CK: “Living in California, but…” TT: “Yeah, you started something and are paying for it.” CK: “Actually, you started … Continue reading

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An open letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

Mr. Goodell, You are a wimp. If you had any guts, you would have staked a position on players kneeling during the national anthem and then stuck with it. You then would have publicly and consistently stated that message. You … Continue reading

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Are the military AND the NFL the bad guys in the “Take a Knee” debate?

The American Conservative suggests that the brouhaha over “Take a Knee” would have been muted if the military and the No Future League would have never gotten into bed (again) with each other. Remember that the players were not required … Continue reading

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The corruption within professional football and college basketball wide open for all to see

The previously almost-shredded veneer of integrity in professional and college sports has now been ripped wide open. It’s not a pretty sight. Let’s begin with the No Future League. Set aside your opinion about the league-wide “Take a Knee” protest … Continue reading

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VOTE: Steelers boycott    

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