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Sure, I’ve got something to say about the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s endorsement of Rick Saccone

If the leadership of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was interested in generating conversation about its endorsement of Rick Saccone, oh boy, did it succeed. On Tuesday, voters (I’m one of them) in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District will head to the polls … Continue reading

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What in the hell is going on at the Los Angeles Times?

The following tops “The Media Today” newsletter, disseminated each work day by the Columbia Journalism Review: After a bombshell report on past lawsuits and “frat house behavior,” the CEO and publisher of the Los Angeles Times is under investigation by the paper’s … Continue reading

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The unionization drive at the Los Angeles Times

An excerpt from today’s “The Media Today,” published by Across the media industry, as consolidation and technological advancements drive rapid change, a mainstay of 20th century labor battles is having its moment. Staffers from numerous outlets, both legacy print … Continue reading

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The Washington Times: Illegal immigrants are “uninvited intruders”

If you know the political bent of The Washington Times, then you know that it tacks right on every political issue. My hotel had a free copy of the newspaper in the lobby, so I opted to pick it up. … Continue reading

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Want to get in the real estate game? Buy a newspaper.

The Washington Post notes that the sale of the New York Daily News to Tronc is perhaps more about real estate than it is about journalism. Tronc (an awkward shorthand for Tribune Online Content) will take over management of the … Continue reading

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Survey: It’s the best, but I don’t want it

Imagine identifying something that you thought was the best at what it did, but then refusing to take advantage of it. Let’s allow the Press Gazette to explain. “While it goes a long way to positively demonstrate the freethinking, self-influential … Continue reading

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BREAKING: The Telegraph: Guardian newspaper to be printed as a tabloid

The Telegraph has the details. It is understood that an agreement to outsource printing to Trinity Mirror could be announced as soon as this week, although senior sources said it was not yet completely finalised. The plans mean The Guardian … Continue reading

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