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Don’t read anything into my not taking part in the “March for Our Lives” protest today

Opting not to talk part in the Pittsburgh “March for Our Lives” today was no political statement. Lest you have any doubts where my thoughts are on the issue of gun control, read this: I stand with every adult, teenager … Continue reading

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Add Singapore to the list of nations whose governments doubt Facebook can police itself

As the Straits Times notes, The conduct of Facebook in the data breach involving Cambridge Analytica gives the Government reason to question whether the social network can be trusted to cooperate in the fight against online falsehoods, said Home Affairs … Continue reading

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The sounds of cricket, not crickets, to fill Karachi

The Associated Press has the details. Pakistan’s biggest city will witness a high-profile cricket match for the first time in nine years on Sunday when the Pakistan Super League final is staged amid heavy security at a newly renovated National … Continue reading

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Pakistan Day brings celebration, questions to the country

One Pakistani newspaper, Dawn, examines how Friday’s celebrations began in the capital. Pakistan Day commemorates the passing of the Lahore Resolution on March 23, 1940, when the All-India Muslim League demanded a separate nation for the Muslims of the British … Continue reading

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Editorial Board appears to not give a da*n about the city

The Columbia Journalism Review has the story. Burris’ appointment, however, seems destined to sustain the outrage of Post-Gazette readers and staffers, many of whom were alarmed and offended by Burris’ January columns. The Post-Gazette’s new editorial page arrangement indicates the … Continue reading

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Tsk, tsk, tsk… that narrative about the Austin bomber is all wrong

Let’s spell this out in plain English, shall we? The man who police say was responsible for the Austin, TX., bombings must be called a TERRORIST. Call him nerdy, if you want. Call him a loner, if you want. But … Continue reading

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The awful, terrible, horrible day for America

A few highlights (lowlights?) of today in America. I think we’ll agree America was an embarrassment on the international stage today. -President Trump began his day by tweeting that he’d easily defeat former Vice President Joe Biden in a fight … Continue reading

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