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Are media giving Sean Spicer a free pass?

The Columbia Journalism Review examines whether the journalism industry, and perhaps the entertainment industry as well, is being too nice to Sean Spicer. The smiling, happy-go-lucky Sean Spicer of last week was a long way from the combative, condescending, and “less … Continue reading

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When we think about who should have the label “hero,” we should consider…

…this woman, who refuses to back down from the Turkish government and ISIS. Both would prefer she be behind bars. Or dead. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette introduces us to Zineb El Rhazoui. “I think it’s completely wrong to start thinking of … Continue reading

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A journalist is murdered; her ex-husband remembers her as the “epitome of Amazing Grace”

I’d never heard of Gauri Lankesh until a friend posted a story that detailed the powerful tribute her ex-husband wrote in her memory. Lankesh was murdered earlier this week, and most likely because she was a journalist. Outlook India picks … Continue reading

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Village Voice pink slips almost all of its union employees

As the New York Times reports, the friction between management and the union was evident at the Village Voice in recent months. And then 13 pink slips were handed out. All of them to union employees. Coming about a week … Continue reading

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You think fake news is going away? (Insert evil laugh track here.)

An excerpt from today’s “The Media Today,” published by It’s been nine months since Donald Trump was elected, and I can’t believe we’re still talking about fake news! Not the fake news alleged by Trump in the media, but … Continue reading

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Survey: It’s the best, but I don’t want it

Imagine identifying something that you thought was the best at what it did, but then refusing to take advantage of it. Let’s allow the Press Gazette to explain. “While it goes a long way to positively demonstrate the freethinking, self-influential … Continue reading

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Rivals back Al Jazeera as demands continue that it be shuttered

The following excerpt comes from the daily “The Media Today” newsletter, published by As world leaders prepare to gather for the G20 summit in Germany this week, an international diplomatic crisis continues to simmer in the Middle East. The … Continue reading

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