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They have a hell of a lot more courage than I ever will

WASHINGTON — Four journalists or film-makers who have gone undercover or who have otherwise tried to hide their identities spoke today about their experiences. They were joined by an attorney who often defends journalists in such cases. You can see … Continue reading

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Turkey is no friend of democracy or free press

The Wall Street Journal reports that one of its one has been sentenced to jail in Turkey. Her crime? Doing journalism. A Turkish court sentenced Wall Street Journal reporter Ayla Albayrak to two years and one month in prison Tuesday, … Continue reading

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You knew this would happen: Russia sends warning to U.S. journalists in that country that…

…they are likely to face restrictions. Reuters outlines the reasons. The foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the full weight of the U.S. authorities was being brought to bear against RT’s operations in the United States, and that Moscow had … Continue reading

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Journalists banned from radio network

The Irish Times dissects what happens when one newspaper columnist writes something that a radio news executive doesn’t like. In his memo to staff, Mr Serle wrote that the decision had been taken because of “vile comments” made by Irish Times columnist … Continue reading

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Bravo, Vladimir: You forced a journalist to flee the country

Writing in the Moscow Times, a journalist explains why she could no longer remain in her native Russia. I left because I was horrified by people’s lack of responsibility. My departure from Russia comes as a surprise — even to … Continue reading

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Are media giving Sean Spicer a free pass?

The Columbia Journalism Review examines whether the journalism industry, and perhaps the entertainment industry as well, is being too nice to Sean Spicer. The smiling, happy-go-lucky Sean Spicer of last week was a long way from the combative, condescending, and “less … Continue reading

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When we think about who should have the label “hero,” we should consider…

…this woman, who refuses to back down from the Turkish government and ISIS. Both would prefer she be behind bars. Or dead. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette introduces us to Zineb El Rhazoui. “I think it’s completely wrong to start thinking of … Continue reading

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