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Professional soccer team set to strike; players claim they’ve had to pay for their own surgeries

The Independent has the details. The players are set to issue strike notice to the club next Tuesday as they say there is no prospect of ‘this appalling situation’ being resolved. In a statement this morning, they said they balloted … Continue reading

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Wait, what? Catholic Easter services in a Protestant church?

RTÉ explains why it’s happening in one Irish town. In a show of goodwill between Catholics and Protestants in Castleblayney, St Maeldoid’s Church of Ireland has offered the use of its church building to the congregation from St Mary’s Catholic … Continue reading

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My favorite Irish song

It isn’t the happiest of songs, but, oh, it is such a powerful one. Click here to listen to my favorite Irish song.

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Journalists banned from radio network

The Irish Times dissects what happens when one newspaper columnist writes something that a radio news executive doesn’t like. In his memo to staff, Mr Serle wrote that the decision had been taken because of “vile comments” made by Irish Times columnist … Continue reading

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WATCH: Seal waves to coast guard crew

The Irish Times has the video and the story.

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A doctor plans his retirement; a village fears its future

The Irish Times reports that the retirement of a doctor leaves one village unsure what will happen to it. “Not only the elderly need a doctor, not only our pharmacy needs a doctor in order to stay open, not only … Continue reading

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Entire soccer team declares free agency

RTE has the story. “In those circumstances, and in view of the fact that the current transfer window closes on 31st July, we as players feel we must be afforded the opportunity to gain secure employment elsewhere, and it is … Continue reading

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