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BREAKING: North Korea fires missile that travels over Japan

Reuters has the details. North Korea fired a missile early on Tuesday that flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific waters off the northern region of Hokkaido, South Korea and Japan said, in a sharp escalation of tensions on … Continue reading

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Greece, spiteful toward EU, playing footsie with China

The New York Times reports that Greece, long ago frustrated by the austerity demands put forth by the EU, is now flirting with China. While Europe was busy squeezing Greece, the Chinese swooped in with bucket-loads of investments that have … Continue reading

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U.S., to Russians seeking to visit: NYET!

Reuters reports that the U.S. government is making it much harder for Russians to visit the United States. “Capacity for interviews in the future will be greatly reduced because we have had to greatly reduce our staffing levels to comply … Continue reading

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Doklam might mean nothing to you; but to the people of South Asia, it is a major crisis

The Hindu reports that while India and China continue to stare down each other over a small piece of geography, neighboring countries are watching each move closely. “The escalating tensions [in Doklam] may have culprits on both sides of the … Continue reading

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China and India dispute, as seen through the eyes of the Bhutanese

Recent reports (here and here) on this blog have highlighted the growing tension between India and China, especially relating to which nation will the principal power broker in the Himalayan region. Literally and figuratively, Bhutan is stuck in the middle … Continue reading

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Heavyweight China on one side. Heavyweight India on the other side. Which tiny nation is stuck in the middle?

The Financial Times examines how a dispute between China and India over a geographically small nation has deep repercussions. “China has been trying to dominate the Himalayan region because it believes unless it does, it will not be able to … Continue reading

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You think you’ve got answers to the North Korea crisis? Hmmm…

The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof suggests that any effort at reining in North Korea is going to be problematic. Donald Trump’s strategy on North Korea is failing. … Barack Obama’s and George W. Bush’s strategies on North Korea didn’t … Continue reading

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