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Just asking: Why pick on Cuba but support China?

I’m not going to make this a detailed or well-researched blog post. Rather, I’m asking a question in hopes of getting a conversation started: The Trump administration is rolling back efforts made by President Obama to open more doors between … Continue reading

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Six Arab nations cut off Qatar; effects of decision will be broadly seen

The New York Times takes a look at the big picture decision made today by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen and states The five Arab states not only suspended diplomatic relations, as they have in … Continue reading

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Japan takes important step in war preps

The Japan Times reports that Japanese leaders have advanced their war preparations against North Korea. The exercise, aimed at ensuring smooth coordination between government offices, took place amid growing public concern over North Korea’s repeated test-firing of ballistic missiles, many … Continue reading

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Russia, a “pariah nation”?

Deutsche Welle examines why a top British politician has warned Russia it could become isolated internationally. Britain has also echoed those views: “We have to step up the pressure on Assad’s regime through sanctions and on the Russians through sanctions,” UK … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Saudi Arabia ratchets up pressure on Iran

The New York Times reports that three Saudi Arabian allies have announced diplomatic sanctions against Iran. Three Sunni-led countries joined Saudi Arabia on Monday insevering or downgrading diplomatic ties with Iran, worsening a geopolitical conflict with sectarian dimensions in one … Continue reading

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URGENT: Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran

The Guardian explains what’s behind the decision. Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told a news conference that Iran’s diplomatic mission and related entities in Saudi Arabia had been given 48 hours to leave. He said Riyadh would not allow the Islamic … Continue reading

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Iran delivered on promise to Saudi Arabia that there would be repercussions for killing of Shiite cleric

The Washington Post has the story. Protesters stormed and torched the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Tehran on Saturday after the execution of a prominent Shiite cleric ignited sectarian tensions across the already inflamed region, jeopardizing U.S. diplomacy aimed at tamping … Continue reading

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