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Liberals are the only ones preventing free speech on the college campus? Nope.

Inside Higher Ed reports that recent incidents at east coast universities demonstrate that the right also is willing to deny free speech on college campuses. First there is┬áChelsea Manning, … who served seven years in military prison for sharing classified … Continue reading

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I wanted to stay out of the Jemele Hill “white supremacist” argument…

…but I couldn’t. I used one of my journalism classes this morning to engage in a conversation about the interlocking issues associated with journalists or media personalities sharing their opinions about social, political or cultural issues; and more importantly when … Continue reading

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Work at or attend a college? Angered by what you perceive as fascism? There’s a group for you.

One person’s perception of fascism is another person’s perception of supporting the white race. (You know where I stand on that issue.) In response to the growing number of white supremacist voices across the country, and especially when those voices … Continue reading

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Quit writing/saying stupid stuff on social media

I’ll always be among the first people to support a decision to fire someone because of something idiotic he or she writes or says on social media. Call for the assassination of the president or other political figure? Yes, you … Continue reading

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Liberals are stifling higher education? Hmmm…maybe not.

Writing in the Washington Post, one college president suggests that any discussion surrounding the stifling of free speech on America’s college campuses has to recognize the poison coming from the right. Those who argue that students need more exposure to … Continue reading

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More and more states enact campus free-speech zones; professors’ group angry

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that as more and more state legislatures enact laws they say promote free speech on college campuses, the louder the outcry from one professors’ group. The new crop of bills is broadly based on … Continue reading

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It happened in Berkeley. Will it happen in Auburn?

The Los Angeles Times reports that a so-called free speech rally in northern California over the weekend spiraled out of control in part because many of the people there wanted confrontation. The combatants on both sides were extremists who traveled … Continue reading

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