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It happened in Berkeley. Will it happen in Auburn?

The Los Angeles Times reports that a so-called free speech rally in northern California over the weekend spiraled out of control in part because many of the people there wanted confrontation. The combatants on both sides were extremists who traveled … Continue reading

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A racist and an illegal immigrant on a college campus

He is one of America’s more polarizing figures. He embraces every possible position in opposition to political correctness; he taunts gays and lesbians; he espouses racism; he denounces people who are not in the U.S. legally. He is Milo Yiannopoulos. … Continue reading

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Professor asks for “white genocide” for Christmas, calls it satire

The New York Daily News has the details. He said he was mocking what he referred to as “the imaginary concept” of “white genocide,” which he says was invented by white supremacists to “denounce everything from interracial relationships to multicultural … Continue reading

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Federal judge, to city of Cleveland officials: Uh, no, you will NOT restrict free speech during the upcoming RNC has the story. U.S. District Judge James Gwin’s ruling comes 25 days before Republican delegates and leaders will descend upon Cleveland and forces the city to redraw the lines to the so-called “event zone,” which would encompassed a 3.5-square-mile … Continue reading

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Big surprise here: Chinese government seeks silence about 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution

The National Post reflects on one of the world’s worst atrocities, the Cultural Revolution. The Cultural Revolution was Mao Zedong’s misguided attempt to defeat critics within his own government and secure his legacy. It was presented as a purge of … Continue reading

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Is fear pervasive on America’s college campuses?

Writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, a Purdue University professor suggests “a pervasive culture of fear” has enveloped America’s college campuses. Few within the American university system could avoid recognizing UIUC’s actions as a further erosion of faculty independence. … Continue reading

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University seeks to fire Sandy Hook denier

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