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It happened in Berkeley. Will it happen in Auburn?

The Los Angeles Times reports that a so-called free speech rally in northern California over the weekend spiraled out of control in part because many of the people there wanted confrontation. The combatants on both sides were extremists who traveled … Continue reading

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Mr. President is now Mr. Dictator

The number of lines that Donald Trump has crossed since he announced he was running for president has got to be in the double-digits. And yet he has survived all of them. Sadly, he will also survive his latest provocation: … Continue reading

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Trump, to journalists: GO AWAY!

The Associated Press has the story. Trump flew from New York to Washington on his private jet without that “pool” of reporters, photographers and television cameras that have traveled with presidents and presidents-elect. Trump’s flouting of press access was one … Continue reading

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A debate at Amherst and at other college campuses: Do the demands of some stifle the free speech of all?

The New York Times has the story. The sit-in became known as the Amherst Uprising, and produced a manifesto, “What We Stand For,” along with the demands. The demands were born in the flush of activism that spread across campuses … Continue reading

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Missouri’s Melissa Click didn’t stop with “muscle”

The New York Daily News reports Missouri assistant professor Melissa Click did more than just ask for “muscle” when she was offended by protests. At the end of the video, another student reporter, Mark Schierbecker, tries talking to Click. She … Continue reading

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Uh, what? Mizzou professor who asked for “muscle” to block reporter teaches mass media

Gawker has the story (and the video). A professor of Mass Media at the University of Missouri was seen on a video demanding “muscle” to stop reporters from covering the demonstrations on the campus’ quad. CNN reporter Dylan Byers pointed … Continue reading

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Florida mayor kicks man out of public meeting for refusing to stand for an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance

Think Progress details the decision made by a Florida mayor to have a citizen booted from a public meeting after that person refused to stand for an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance. Winter Garden Mayor John Rees, a nonpartisan … Continue reading

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