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FBI director Comey’s Twitter account (likely) uncovered did the digging, and the report offers an important lesson on deduction and investigating. ProjectExile7 follows 27 other accounts, the majority of which are either reporters, news outlets, or official government and law enforcement accounts. The New York Times’ … Continue reading

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Spare me the wailing and gnashing of teeth about the Russians and our election, unless…

…you can show me evidence that the Russians and the Trump campaign successfully worked together to win him the White House. I want evidence. And so far no one has any. If the best you’ve got is that the Russians … Continue reading

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ABC News: FBI director Comey to blow huge hole in Trump’s wiretapping claims

The story from ABC News begins with this: Within the first minutes of a much-anticipated House hearing Monday, FBI Director James Comey is expected to officially undercut the wiretapping allegations that have been promoted by the White House for more … Continue reading

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Edward Snowden, to 15 nations: Please take me! (3x UPDATE)

3rd UPDATE: 6:29 p.m. EDT: WikiLeaks has released a statement purported to be written by Edward Snowden. You decide, after reading it, if he wrote it. 2nd UPDATE: 12:31 p.m. EDT: The New York Times has confirmed Snowden has included … Continue reading

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When all else fails…blame the former prime minister

Well, let’s hand it to Rupert Murdoch. He isn’t afraid to confront his accusers. In an interview with a newspaper he owns (how convenient), Mr. Murdoch took aim at former British prime minister Gordon Brown, who earlier this week suggested … Continue reading

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A journalist was an FBI informant?

Here’s the evidence. Little more needs to be said about this — if a journalist violated the norms of ethics (among others), then he or she doesn’t deserve the label.

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When the blogosphere gets nasty…

…it really gets nasty. And when the FBI is compelled to comment on statements made by obviously knowledgeable people who do their investigative journalism through a blog, then you know the situation is even more disgusting. But it’s happening now. … Continue reading

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