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The most important parts of former FBI director James Comey’s opening statement

Former FBI director James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee this morning. Set aside weak words such as “dramatic,” “highly anticipated” and similar terms designed to heighten tension but that also serve to distract from the main point. … Continue reading

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Shut down the Baylor football program? Forever? writer Bill Reiter says there is only one viable option for the scandal-plagued Baylor football program: Shut it down. In making his case, Reiter states I can’t get past the jarring, searing facts in the latest lawsuit that show … Continue reading

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Mike Pence isn’t the president yet, and the left has dynamite at the ready?

I came across a National Review article the other day. My first reaction was to scoff at it. Its premise: The left was already lighting dynamite sticks and preparing to undermine Mike Pence before he ever became President of the … Continue reading

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Hey, it might only be treason. Let’s not get too bent out of shape.

If you expect Republican Congressional leaders to seriously examine whether Donald Trump might have committed treason by spilling classified information to a couple of top Russian officials, well… their track record in trying to rein in the president hasn’t been … Continue reading

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Pirates and baseball fans: Kang vs Marte

So, two of the projected most important pieces to the Pittsburgh Pirates team are on the sidelines. There’s no indication when or if infielder Jung Ho Kang will be given a visa to enter the United States. He’s been denied … Continue reading

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Uh, oh. Khizr Khan’s I-can’t-travel-to-Canada story appears to have major holes

Khizr Khan said he couldn’t travel to Canada to deliver a speech because his travel privileges were under review. But the Washington Post reports there are major holes in his claims. The newspaper states The announcement on Monday coincided with … Continue reading

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Could Baylor’s football program have been that sleazy?

If this ESPN report — and more importantly the information discussed in the lawsuit — turns out to be true, the Baylor University football program deserves major NCAA penalties. Here are the guts of the story: The plaintiff’s attorney, John … Continue reading

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