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Sports editor accepts bitter reality: Guy whom I hired was a serial plagiarist reviews how one sports editor handled a big problem: He had hired a plagiarist. “I was pissed off, and then I was embarrassed,” Durham says. “I couldn’t believe it. These press releases are available for us to use, and … Continue reading

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Am I to understand this correctly: Florida fired its football coach because he might have lied about death threats?

In the world of big-time college football, coaches get fired every season. Almost always, those firings come down to not winning enough games. If the reports coming out of Gainesville, FL., are to be believed, then University of Florida officials … Continue reading

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The NFL has the moral high ground in the verbal war with Trump? N. O. No.

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell drew praise from many quarters on Saturday when he criticized Donald Trump for words he had uttered the night before. Goodell said the president’s “divisive comments” showed a “lack of respect” for the game. … Continue reading

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Stay classy, Florida State. (And, yes, others like you.)

If you are a fan of college football, then you might find yourself a bit angry after reading this blog post. Whether your anger is directed at the university mentioned below or at me is for you to determine. Here … Continue reading

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America is in deep trouble

For however many more years the good Lord has me on this Earth, I never want to see anything like Sept. 11, 2001, again. It was a day of hell. And for the families who lost a loved one, that … Continue reading

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WaPo: Trump dictated contents of son’s misleading letter about campaign meeting

The Washington Post reported late Monday that Donald Trump dictated a letter his son read about a meeting with Russian lawyers. And there is one big problem. Flying home from Germany on July 8 aboard Air Force One, Trump personally … Continue reading

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Trump is no different than Putin?

A former U.S. government official, speaking to the Guardian, suggests that in at least one way, there might be no difference between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. “It certainly risks people starting to refer to us as a … . … Continue reading

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