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George Will destroys Mike Pence

George Will’s latest opinion piece absolutely destroys Vice President Mike Pence. His pandering had no purpose beyond serving Pence’s vocation, which is to ingratiate himself with his audience of the moment. … Pence, one of evangelical Christians’ favorite pin-ups, genuflects … Continue reading

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Randa Jarrar won’t be fired, but she’s still a loser

Randa Jarrar won’t face any penalties for her disgraceful words. As a free-speech advocate, I agree with that decision. But I still find her reprehensible. The Associated Press reports that Fresno State University’s president made the only decision he could … Continue reading

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A Pennsylvania university president is in deep trouble; his own words might doom him

The Chronicle of Higher Education has the details. “Obviously it’s disappointing,” Sylvester said. “Look, I’m under no false illusion that this president was an incredible fan of working with the union, although he often suggested he was. I could see … Continue reading

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Take note, America: Congress and Zuckerberg are saying and doing NOTHING about Cambridge Analytica

Leaders show up in times of crisis and do something meaningful. They make a public statement. They make clear that they and others will be held accountable for what went wrong. They demand answers. They want to make right what … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton vs. Donald Trump. What’s different?

The media are in a lather today because there is… A PRESIDENTIAL SEX SCANDAL. Forgive me if I sound naive but haven’t we been here before? Twenty years ago, Americans said they really didn’t care if their president was engaged … Continue reading

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Tip your hat to Trump. He’s won.

Donald Trump promised to be an unconventional candidate. He was. He promised to be an unconventional president. He is. The Oval Office is described as a place of chaos, perhaps worse than any banana republic anywhere in the world, and … Continue reading

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What in the hell is going on at the Los Angeles Times?

The following tops “The Media Today” newsletter, disseminated each work day by the Columbia Journalism Review: After a bombshell report on past lawsuits and “frat house behavior,” the CEO and publisher of the Los Angeles Times is under investigation by the paper’s … Continue reading

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