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America is in deep trouble

For however many more years the good Lord has me on this Earth, I never want to see anything like Sept. 11, 2001, again. It was a day of hell. And for the families who lost a loved one, that … Continue reading

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WaPo: Trump dictated contents of son’s misleading letter about campaign meeting

The Washington Post reported late Monday that Donald Trump dictated a letter his son read about a meeting with Russian lawyers. And there is one big problem. Flying home from Germany on July 8 aboard Air Force One, Trump personally … Continue reading

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Trump is no different than Putin?

A former U.S. government official, speaking to the Guardian, suggests that in at least one way, there might be no difference between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. “It certainly risks people starting to refer to us as a … . … Continue reading

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The next time someone tells you that he or she is an Oxford graduate…

…make sure the degree was earned. The Times reports that a couple of unsavory characters have succeeded in exploiting the Oxford name for their personal gain. The business, which is run by a father and son from offices in Ukraine … Continue reading

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Chris Christie orders all NJ state parks closed, then spends night with family in one

The Hill has the details. “That’s because the governor has a residence at Island Beach. Others don’t,” Christie reportedly said at a news conference Saturday that came during the first day of the state’s park shutdown. “It’s just the way it … Continue reading

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U. of Delaware, to adjunct who ripped Warmbier: Bye-bye

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports the University of Delaware has reached a decision about the status of an adjunct who criticized Otto Warmbier. Delaware had previously denounced the remarks by Katherine A. Dettwyler, an adjunct lecturer in anthropology. In … Continue reading

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The most important parts of former FBI director James Comey’s opening statement

Former FBI director James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee this morning. Set aside weak words such as “dramatic,” “highly anticipated” and similar terms designed to heighten tension but that also serve to distract from the main point. … Continue reading

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