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Remember when the U.S. influenced a Russian election?

The tale unfolds daily in the U.S. media: the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Bob Mueller’s investigation is leading down twisted and winding roads, and his work has led to issues relating to politics, money, … Continue reading

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What company will own your news channel?

Vanity Fair examines the tumultuous 2018 media merger environment. “Ten years ago, companies like Viacom and Fox and Time Warner were considered giants of the entertainment industry, and giants of American culture,” one long-serving media executive recently lamented to me. … Continue reading

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A forceful argument for a hard Brexit

If you believe that the United Kingdom ought to tell the European Union to shove off, then this argument in the Spectator is perfect for you. Every country that has ever flourished economically achieved its success by wise government policies … Continue reading

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America in decline, and highlighted by 5 points

The details from Vox. And the information below ought not be blamed on one president, one political party, corporations, liberals, conservatives…and most definitely not on Russians or Muslims. Rather, Americans brought this on ourselves. Here are a few examples. 1) … Continue reading

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Oh, really now? Pirates’ front office demands cut from legal gambling dollars

Deadspin has the details. The Pirates were one of many interested parties who submitted public comment on a proposed sports gambling bill in Pennsylvania. They ran the gamut: Pitt wants a cut of bets, Penn State wants no sports gambling … Continue reading

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Chicago, Minneapolis and Vancouver, to FIFA: Go away!

The Globe and Mail explains that all that excitement about Canada, Mexico and the United States securing the rights to the 2026 World Cup must be tempered. That’s because leaders of multiple cities are telling FIFA to go away. Chicago, … Continue reading

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Hey, Calgary: Don’t do it

The Globe and Mail reports that the city of Calgary could host a prestigious international event in a few years. (And I’m here to tell the good people of that city — DON’T!) Alberta and Ottawa have agreed to financially … Continue reading

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