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Bill Clinton vs. Donald Trump. What’s different?

The media are in a lather today because there is… A PRESIDENTIAL SEX SCANDAL. Forgive me if I sound naive but haven’t we been here before? Twenty years ago, Americans said they really didn’t care if their president was engaged … Continue reading

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Tip your hat to Trump. He’s won.

Donald Trump promised to be an unconventional candidate. He was. He promised to be an unconventional president. He is. The Oval Office is described as a place of chaos, perhaps worse than any banana republic anywhere in the world, and … Continue reading

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What if I told you Trump is getting stronger and the Democrats are getting weaker?

You’ve heard all the talk. The Democrats are going to sustain the anti-Trump message that began right after the 2016 election and carry it all the way to November of 2018. Once the nationwide rebuke of the president, the GOP … Continue reading

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My reaction to Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address

Republicans in Donald Trump’s corner — and there are a lot of them — were fed plenty of red meat during his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Mixing the standard rhetoric of American greatness and hope alongside … Continue reading

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So, if you thought Bill Clinton’s personal life was his business, then…

…anything relating to Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels also is irrelevant, right? “Oh, but wait,” you say. “Clinton didn’t have intercourse with Monica Lewinsky. But, if Stormy Daniels is telling the truth, then she and Trump did.” And I’m supposed … Continue reading

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Southwest PA: The President is coming. The President is coming.

Politico has the details. After a humiliating loss in the Alabama Senate race last month, the administration is drawing up ambitious plans that will kick off … Thursday when Trump travels to the conservative district to appear with Republican candidate … Continue reading

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HUD Secretary Carson: Do good, be kind; President Trump: “S*ithole countries”

Housing and Urban Development secretary Ben Carson spoke on Thursday to students attending The Washington Center’s “Inside Washington 2018” academic seminar. Do good and be kind. That was one of the central themes to his remarks. Just hours later, his … Continue reading

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