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Trump is not Putin’s bride; Putin is not Trump’s groom

The Washington Post’s deeply researched story about President Trump’s attitude toward Russia demands your attention. The story details how Trump, even before he was sworn in, was unwilling to hear anything that would suggest the Kremlin had assisted in his election … Continue reading

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Hmmm…this seems like a bad idea

Russians have been hired to help at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. You read those word correctly. The New York Times explains that after the Russian government expelled more than 750 Americans from the country there was a desperate need … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia and two other nations tell their citizens to leave Lebanon

The Saudi Gazette has the details. The travel warning also called for Saudi nationals not to travel to Lebanon from any point of origin. Due to the situations in the Republic of Lebanon, an official source at the Ministry of … Continue reading

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Need some weapons? Or a place for a wedding? Or maybe for your prom? Well…

…the New York Times suggests there are a few places around the globe eager to give you what you need. “It isn’t loud now,” one neighbor, Bonka Nikolova, said as a parade of wedding guests filed into the building. “But … Continue reading

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China, to Trump: We’ve thrown you under the bus (or have we?)

Donald Trump consistently has argued that China needed to be a partner in reining in North Korea from conducting more missile tests. The Chinese have provided the president an answer. As the Guardian reports, The United States must stop threatening … Continue reading

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Russia, to U.S. diplomats: NO PARKING FOR YOU!

Infantile. In my opinion, that’s what the dispute about each side’s embassy and consular staffs has now become. The Associated Press reports that the latest “I’m taking my ball and going home” action was undertaken by the Russians, who have … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin. A man of peace?

Is it possible that the West has misunderstood Russian president Vladimir Putin all along? (Snicker.) Is he really a man of peace? (Snort.) As the Globe and Mail reports, In U.S. policy circles, the answer is obvious. He is, once … Continue reading

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