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As the U.S. burns, China and the E.U. start flirting

The Diplomat reports that as the U.S. continues to convulse under the awful presidency of Donald Trump, China and the European Union have the potential to hit America where it could really hurt. If the world’s foremost power has decided … Continue reading

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China and India dispute, as seen through the eyes of the Bhutanese

Recent reports (here and here) on this blog have highlighted the growing tension between India and China, especially relating to which nation will the principal power broker in the Himalayan region. Literally and figuratively, Bhutan is stuck in the middle … Continue reading

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Heavyweight China on one side. Heavyweight India on the other side. Which tiny nation is stuck in the middle?

The Financial Times examines how a dispute between China and India over a geographically small nation has deep repercussions. “China has been trying to dominate the Himalayan region because it believes unless it does, it will not be able to … Continue reading

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Throw Saudi Arabia off the bus? How about no.

Writing in the Globe and Mail, a former diplomat suggests it would be a big mistake for Canada to abandon Saudi Arabia because of its domestic policies. It would not be surprising to see Riyadh push Canada further out of … Continue reading

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Well, this is a fine mess

The Americans have vented their anger at the Russians, and the Russians have responded. It might now be time to stop the growling and bearing of teeth, and instead work on improving relations between Washington and Moscow. Russian media reported … Continue reading

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Russia, to U.S: We warned you not do to it

The New York Times explains that the Russian government has responded, as expected, harshly to new U.S. sanctions against the country. The moves, which Russia had been threatening for weeks, came a day after the United States Senate approved a measure to … Continue reading

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Russian professor: New U.S. ambassador to Russia part of Mormon “totalitarian sect”

Nothing like getting off on the right foot with your new hosts. The Moscow Times reports that Washington’s new ambassador to Moscow will face a tough test in improving relations between the two countries. And one university professor really doesn’t … Continue reading

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