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America’s right played a better (and perhaps sinister) political game than the left; the spoils of victory are now theirs

The New Yorker examines how the imminent shift to the right of the Supreme Court affirms that conservatives and their backers played a better political game than their opponents on the left. By now, the broad outlines of how the … Continue reading

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A fascinating question in Nepal: Can Communism become democratic?

The Globe and Mail looks at the issue. A long-standing international question as to whether communism can reform itself to coexist with democracy has resurfaced with the emergence of the Himalayan state of Nepal as the world’s sixth communist-ruled country. … Continue reading

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The Brexit vote was the wrong decision? Doesn’t matter. THERE SHOULDN’T BE A SECOND REFERENDUM!

Far be it from me to tell the British voters how to vote. But a couple of years ago, they made the decision to abandon the European Union. Whether you, I or the proverbial man on the moon thinks that … Continue reading

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The Democrats’ frivolous lawsuit against Trump, WikiLeaks and Russia

There’s an old political joke that goes something like this: Give the Democrats a chance to blow an opportunity, and they will. (If someone knows the exact words, please reply to this blog post with that information.) Filing a lawsuit … Continue reading

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Democracy is always the answer, right? Well…

…recent evidence from around the world would suggest democracy — defined here to mean open and free elections, freedom of the press, acceptance of diverse cultures and peoples, the absence of a strong-man leader and the muting of nationalism — … Continue reading

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You think Russia only mucked around in the U.S. election?

The story line is familiar, and it is not going away: Russia deliberately interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election with the purpose of undermining Hillary Clinton’s chances of becoming the 45th president. The man who did win the election … Continue reading

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Tony Blair: If you’re on the left, you need to grow up

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has sent a blistering message to those on the left, whether they be in his country or in the United States. Politico reports that message is “the same feelings that gave rise to Brexit … Continue reading

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