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BREAKING: Powerful cyberattack hits at least three nations

The Associated Press has the story. The number of companies and agencies reportedly affected by the ransomware campaign was piling up fast, and the electronic rampage appeared to be rapidly snowballing into a real-world world crisis. … There’s very little … Continue reading

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Russia: American soldier, we’re coming after you

Hacks. Trolls. Fake news. Those are the ingredients Russia uses to target the U.S. military. Politico has the details. Thus far, congressional committees, law enforcement investigations and press scrutiny have focused on Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin’s successful efforts to disrupt … Continue reading

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Uh, oh: Cyber attacks could sharply rise on Monday

The Associated Press reports that cybersecurity experts are spreading the word that last week’s ransomware attack could worsen in the coming hours. “The numbers are still going up,” Wainwright said. “We’ve seen that the slowdown of the infection rate over … Continue reading

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International cyber attack validates Apple’s decision to deny government’s hack request

The global cyber attack that hit the UK, Russia and other parts of the world on Friday appears to be abating, but as Reuters reports [r]esearchers with security software maker Avast said they had observed 57,000 infections in 99 countries, … Continue reading

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Chill out. Russian hackers did not change your vote.

It is a theme of the 2016 presidential election that will not go away: Russia’s ability — and perhaps with great success — to influence how Americans voted. Far-fetched? No way a foreign power could flip enough minds (and therefore … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Putin claims U.S. influenced Russian elections, caused his defeat

No, I’ve not gone crazy. No, I’m not trying to pass of “fake” news. But, yes, I want you to please keep reading. By now, you’re quite familiar with the many concerns Democrats and some Republicans have about Russia perhaps … Continue reading

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Germany: Every reason to think Russia will try to disrupt our elections

The Financial Times has the story. German security officials have said last year’s assault on the Bundestag’s computer network was also carried out by Russia-backed hackers seeking ammunition for electoral meddling. Earlier this month, Ms Merkel warned that there were signs of … Continue reading

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