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University leaders cut four sports, spare football; faculty are angry

Inside Higher Ed explores why the leaders at one university opted to get rid of four sports while keeping the money-draining football program. The university is cutting wrestling, men’s swimming and diving, softball, and women’s tennis. But not football, a … Continue reading

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Notre Dame looking to weaken football schedule

Those of us old enough to remember “the old” days of college football know that Notre Dame had an unwritten policy: Any team, any week, any place (though in South Bend was preferable). The Fighting Irish’s football schedule was one … Continue reading

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41 bowl games. 41!! And…

…the only one I guarantee you I’ll watch: COTTON BOWL: Ohio State vs USC. My alma mater is the Pac-12 champion. Enough said. That’s it. Some of you are thinking: But, Anthony, you are a college football fan. You can’t … Continue reading

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WATCH: Tennessee State football player punches coach

The Tennessean has the video of a football player punching one of his coaches. The disciplinary action was quick and severe. TSU athletics director Teresa Phillips confirmed to The Tennessean that coach Rod Reed kicked Lee, a senior from Dothan, … Continue reading

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Am I to understand this correctly: Florida fired its football coach because he might have lied about death threats?

In the world of big-time college football, coaches get fired every season. Almost always, those firings come down to not winning enough games. If the reports coming out of Gainesville, FL., are to be believed, then University of Florida officials … Continue reading

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That ticking sound coming from Albuquerque? That’s the clock counting down to the end of Bob Davie’s term as UNM football coach. has owned the story about the fiery, and it would appear at times inappropriate, attitude of New Mexico head football coach Bob Davie. And the latest story about Davie and the treatment of his players would suggest his time … Continue reading

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URGENT: Horrible weekend for college football as two players die has the details. Midwestern State cornerback Robert Grays died Tuesday after suffering an apparent serious neck injury while making a tackle Saturday against Texas A&M-Kingsville, the school confirmed early Wednesday. Grays was one of two college football players who played Saturday … Continue reading

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