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China jails another human rights lawyer

China under Xi Jinping lurches ever further right, and Donald Trump cares little about it. The latest example — another human rights lawyer has been thrown in jail. As the Washington Post reports, Jiang Tianyong, 46, is the latest lawyer … Continue reading

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The nominees are A. China; B. North Korea; C. Russia; D. USA; E. Zimbabwe

The category: Domestic national television news program that devoted more than 4 minutes of air time to edited video of citizens cheering for the leader. Here’s the answer. That’s pathetic. And not news.

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Uh, oh: Three players on the UCLA Bruins’ men’s basketball team not leaving China following arrest has the details. The three UCLA men’s basketball players arrested on shoplifting charges Tuesday will remain in Hangzhou and will not be on the team’s flight back to Los Angeles after the Bruins’ season-opening 63-60 win over Georgia Tech in Shanghai on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Xi Jinping is not a nice guy

Another piece of evidence, this time coming from the Los Angeles Times, that makes clear Chinese leader Xi Jinping is ruthless. “What my husband has gone through during that 22 months in jail was relentless, inhuman, perverted and unthinkable,” said … Continue reading

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He is the current-day Mao (and that’s not good)

China’s Xi Jinping is going to be immortal, for as long as Communism controls China. The country’s Communist Party Congress will soon close, but the affirmation of Xi will continue. And continue. And continue. At the CPC, Xi Jinping Thought … Continue reading

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China asks: Is India promoting more serious culture?

The New York Times explores how India and China — recently at each other’s throats because of Bhutan — are now staring at each other uneasily because of culture. While China’s film industry has long sought both to emulate and … Continue reading

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Chinese government cracking down even harder on ‘Net users

Yes, you just keep believing all those nonsense that China is an ally of the United States. And as you do, also never forget that the Chinese government loves the Internet. No doubt about it. Check out what the China … Continue reading

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