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China asks: Is India promoting more serious culture?

The New York Times explores how India and China — recently at each other’s throats because of Bhutan — are now staring at each other uneasily because of culture. While China‚Äôs film industry has long sought both to emulate and … Continue reading

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Chinese government cracking down even harder on ‘Net users

Yes, you just keep believing all those nonsense that China is an ally of the United States. And as you do, also never forget that the Chinese government loves the Internet. No doubt about it. Check out what the China … Continue reading

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China, to Trump: We’ve thrown you under the bus (or have we?)

Donald Trump consistently has argued that China needed to be a partner in reining in North Korea from conducting more missile tests. The Chinese have provided the president an answer. As the Guardian reports, The United States must stop threatening … Continue reading

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China, to America’s universities: You’ll do what we tell you to do here, and we’ll also tell you what to do at home

China. An intriguing nation. A country in which not too many years ago I considered pursuing a short-term teaching assignment. I was willing to look past the reality then. No more. China has zero interest in promoting the freedoms I … Continue reading

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BREAKING: North Korea fires missile that travels over Japan

Reuters has the details. North Korea fired a missile early on Tuesday that flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific waters off the northern region of Hokkaido, South Korea and Japan said, in a sharp escalation of tensions on … Continue reading

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BREAKING: India and China end standoff

The Los Angeles Times has the details. India’s Ministry of External Affairs said India and China had diplomatic exchanges in recent weeks over the situation on Doklam plateau in the eastern Himalayas, and that both had agreed to “go back … Continue reading

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Greece, spiteful toward EU, playing footsie with China

The New York Times reports that Greece, long ago frustrated by the austerity demands put forth by the EU, is now flirting with China. While Europe was busy squeezing Greece, the Chinese swooped in with bucket-loads of investments that have … Continue reading

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