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Just asking: Why pick on Cuba but support China?

I’m not going to make this a detailed or well-researched blog post. Rather, I’m asking a question in hopes of getting a conversation started: The Trump administration is rolling back efforts made by President Obama to open more doors between … Continue reading

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China? North Korea? Russia? Syria?

The President of the United States always has to deal with hostile nations. Some might suddenly get hot as others sort of simmer, but the reality is that the hot spots associated with being the “enemy” (a carefully chosen term) … Continue reading

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BREAKING: China refusing to allow university professor to leave the country

Voice of America has the details. An academic at an Australian university has been prevented by Chinese authorities from returning to Sydney because he’s suspected of endangering national security, his lawyer said Sunday. Border officials at an airport in the … Continue reading

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Have I got a story for you!

You are a journalist assigned to cover the White House. It is the most prestigious journalism post anywhere in Washington (though covering Capitol Hill or the Supreme Court would both be very close seconds). You go to work each day, … Continue reading

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IMPLOSION VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I love implosion videos. I came across this one from China that happened just two days ago. BOOM!

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Trump, to American diplomacy: You’re FIRED!

Like him or not, Donald Trump appears ready to be a president unlike any in recent American history. Consider that Trump spoke with the president of Taiwan shortly after his election and suggested that global warming is a hoax China … Continue reading

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Apple caves to Chinese pressure

An excerpt from today’s Morning Media Newsfeed, which is published by AdWeek: Apple, complying with what it said was a request from Chinese authorities, removed news apps created by The New York Times from its app store in China late … Continue reading

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