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Canadian politician: If Trump throws them out, we should welcome them in

If Donald Trump follows through on his plan to end DACA, then one Canadian politician says she has the perfect solution: Canada should accept every “Dreamer” that the U.S. throws out. Speaking on a CBC program on Sen. Ratna Omidvar … Continue reading

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No civilized country should stand for this

The Guardian reports that in one Western nation the most common form of death for a particular group of people up to the age of 44 is suicide. “The text said my cousin Gabe had died – he had committed … Continue reading

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A place where there is still no reliable electricity

The Globe and Mail takes us to a place where reliable electricity doesn’t exist. But that’s soon to change. Pikangikum is one of 22 remote Indigenous communities in northwestern Ontario that own a majority stake in Wataynikaneyap Power, a company … Continue reading

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Throw Saudi Arabia off the bus? How about no.

Writing in the Globe and Mail, a former diplomat suggests it would be a big mistake for Canada to abandon Saudi Arabia because of its domestic policies. It would not be surprising to see Riyadh push Canada further out of … Continue reading

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How about this as a governing philosophy: You pay for what you get

You like it? Well, then the Atlantic suggests you need to move to… It’s really quite simple: When Canadian governments need more money, they raise taxes. Canadians are not thrilled when this happens. But as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. … Continue reading

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The university is named after a guy with a bad history, so let’s…

…change the name of the place. One critic, writing on, says that might not be the best choice. While these name changes might offer symbolic victories for advocates, they are actually a rather ineffective way of grappling with the … Continue reading

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Cannonball! And it’s live!

The BBC has the details. Builders in the old part of the Canadian city of Quebec have unearthed a live cannonball fired by the British during a siege in 1759. … Army bomb disposal experts later collected the device, saying … Continue reading

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