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Road rage as cause of Muslim teen’s death remains under scrutiny

The Globe and Mail sent a reporter to suburban Washington to explore why a Muslim teenager was killed. The journalist discovered justified doubt about the official version of what happened. Police insist the murder was a “road-rage incident,” while many … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal, to reporter with business ties to Iranian: YOU’RE FIRED!

  An exce rpt from today’s Morning Media NewsFeed, produced by AdWeek: The chief foreign affairs correspondent of The Wall Street Journal was fired on Wednesdayafter evidence surfaced that he had become entangled in the business dealings of an Iranian-born … Continue reading

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Are you an “infograzer?”

You might be. In fact, a whole lot of people are. Of course, there’s a risk that comes with being such a person, but as Wired reports, there are options for you. On the screen in front of her is … Continue reading

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Fired for appearing on FOX News? This woman thinks she was.

Inside Higher Ed explores why an adjunct professor claims she was fired for appearing on FOX News. “I was publicly lynched,” she said Tuesday about being escorted from her summer-term class earlier this month to a meeting with administrators, who … Continue reading

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He’s gay. He wanted to die because of it.

But when he found help — from an unexpected source — everything changed. CBS Sports has the details. “I was abusing painkillers, no question,” he said. “It helped with the pain of the injuries, and with the pain of being … Continue reading

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Asking some uncomfortable questions

If a Muslim man killed a 17-year-old Hispanic woman, would it be “road rage” or “terrorism?” If that same Muslim man instead killed a 17-year-old White woman, would it be “road rage” or “terrorism?” If a Black man killed a … Continue reading

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MLS, to Cincinnati: Build a stadium. Cincinnati, to MLS: Nah. MLS, to Cincinnati: Hello, northern Kentucky!

Deadspin examines a familiar tale: A sports team wants a new stadium built in a city, and significant opposition exists to such a deal. FC Cincinnati has been, by any measure, a huge success. In 2016 it averaged 18,519 in … Continue reading

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