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Facebook, to media: See, we’re helping. Media, to Facebook, well…

An extended excerpt from today’s The Media Today newsletter, produced by the Columbia Journalism Review: As Facebook continues to take fire for leaving the media industry twisting in the wind with its new algorithm changes, not to mention distributing fake … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO: We will no longer sell assault rifles

The Indianapolis Star has the story. During a Wednesday morning appearance on “Good Morning America,” Dick’s CEO Edward Stack said the ban would begin at all stores immediately. Stack also said his company would no longer sell high-capacity magazines and … Continue reading

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Norway says no to semi-automatic guns

AFP reports that the Norwegian government is making a powerful statement about guns in that country. “Today, it has become clear that there is a parliamentary majority in favour of the government’s proposal. Semi-automatic weapons will therefore be banned in … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada…the Kremlin is ready for 2019. Are you?

You didn’t think Russia would leave Canada’s national elections alone, did you? You didn’t think Russia would look at Canada as some kind of outlier on the its democracy hit parade, did you? You didn’t think Russia would not want … Continue reading

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Your 2018 MLS predictions

It’s not a stretch to suggest at the beginning of the 2018 Major League Soccer season that the league’s four best teams are in the Eastern Conference. It’s also not a stretch to say that one top-heavy conference automatically will … Continue reading

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You knew this would happen: Anti-Semitic incidents way up on America’s college campuses

Inside Higher Ed previews what the Anti-Defamation League will report later today regarding anti-Semitic acts on America’s college campuses. …2017 saw 204 anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses, an 89 percent increase from the previous year. The ADL counts incidents as … Continue reading

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You’re not Catholic because…

…you want to throw out all the Dreamers. Mr. Right: No, you’re not Catholic because you support the right to choose. Mr. Left: Well, you’re not a real American because you hate anyone who’s not white. Mr. Right: No, you’re … Continue reading

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