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I refuse to listen to different opinions

Perhaps it’s arrogance. Perhaps it’s ignorance. Perhaps it’s fatigue. Whatever the reason, consider how many people have decided to shut down anyone espousing a political opinion that doesn’t agree with their own. That moment in which empowerment feels the strongest … Continue reading

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Let’s watch as America becomes a dirty nation

The Washington Post has the details. The cuts would also be deeper than those the Trump administration sought for the current fiscal year, but was unable to implement because of the budget impasse in Congress. The federal government has been … Continue reading

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My reaction to Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address

Republicans in Donald Trump’s corner — and there are a lot of them — were fed plenty of red meat during his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Mixing the standard rhetoric of American greatness and hope alongside … Continue reading

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The simplicity of the snow

Above: The snow as seen aboard an Amtrak train in March 2017 Snow seems to fall effortlessly, even when wrapped in a blizzard. The simplicity of one flake after another falling from the sky and meeting a tree, the ground, … Continue reading

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Kasich 2020? It might not be as crazy as you think.

John Kasich is a principled Republican, right? Sure, if you’re comparing him to the man who currently occupies the White House. But let’s not forget that… -He’s going to be too far right for many independents, especially on social issues. … Continue reading

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Why, Mrs. Clinton? Why?

Hillary Clinton made a cameo appearance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. She would have been wise to have turned down the opportunity. Reading a brief excerpt from a recent book that purports to tell all about the (dys)functioning … Continue reading

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There is always money for…

…war, not universities; …military, not educational resources; …missiles, not poor kids. There is always money for… …foreign countries, not American cities; …international agencies, not American non-profits; …interests over there, not needs over here. There is always money for… …building walls, … Continue reading

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