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North Korea’s Kim offers olive branch to South, sends stern message to Trump

The New York Times reports North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took the high road in discussing South Korea during his annual New Year’s message.  Mr. Kim proposed immediate dialogue with South Korea to discuss the North’s participation in the Olympics. However, … Continue reading

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Fire in garage destroys hundreds of cars

Reuters has the details. Police said all cars inside the multi-storey Kings Dock car park, which has a capacity of 1,600 vehicles, had been destroyed, and owners should contact their insurance companies. … Firefighters equipped with breathing equipment were still … Continue reading

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Which event is MOST LIKELY to happen in 2018?

In mere hours, we say good-bye to 2017 and welcome in a new year. January 1 always brings with it a sense of optimism and hope; a feeling that maybe, just maybe, the next 12 months will be better than … Continue reading

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Notre Dame looking to weaken football schedule

Those of us old enough to remember “the old” days of college football know that Notre Dame had an unwritten policy: Any team, any week, any place (though in South Bend was preferable). The Fighting Irish’s football schedule was one … Continue reading

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Why are Iranians protesting?

The calendar year winds down with emotions in Iran ratcheting up. The Washington Post examines how economic concerns have led thousands of Iranians to take to the streets over the past three days. Anti-government protests spurred by economic woes hit … Continue reading

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States: Education important in fighting fake news

Here’s a shocking statement: Knowledge might be essential in the fight against fake news. If a person is armed with the skills to identify and to combat fake news, there’s a good chance we’ll see fewer efforts to pass off … Continue reading

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Johnny Manziel has been cleared for liftoff; CFL fans disagree on him being in league

Johnny Manziel was an electrifying college quarterback. He was a bust in the NFL. Now he has the chance to resuscitate his personal and professional life in the Canadian Football League. Manziel has been cleared by the CFL’s commissioner to … Continue reading

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