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What does a football game, a ball cap and a president have to do with each other?

Not much. Except those were the big items for discussion on this week’s episode of Upon Further Review…with the Podcast Profs. Advertisements

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Reports: Tillerson soon to be dumped as Secretary of State

It appears that Rex Tillerson will be out as Secretary of State. And soon. According to the Washington Post, The White House has prepared a plan to oust embattled Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replace him with CIA Director … Continue reading

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This is how you apologize for sexual harassment

Hello, my name is _______. For years I took advantage of a mindset that existed in almost every professional industry. That mindset said men should be men, if you know what I mean, whenever they wanted to be, and that … Continue reading

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Journalist: Your knife attack will not scare me off

The Washington Post has the details. But on a recent Friday, she sat in an Italian cafe sipping tea and calmly ticking off her injuries (damage to her jugular vein and salivary gland, cuts on her neck and hands) in … Continue reading

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Alright, Moretti. What is it with you and that BC Lions hat?

Without realizing it, the BC Lions hat I own has become a kind-of signature piece for me. In fact, at the 2016 Grey Cup game… …and on a few occasions leading up to the 2017 Grey Cup game… …there I … Continue reading

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FLASH: Matt Lauer fired by NBC News (3x UPDATED)

3rd UPDATE: 7:28 a.m. EST: 2nd UPDATE: 7:24 a.m. EST: Here’s how Samantha Guthrie reported her former co-host’s firing: Matt Lauer has been terminated from NBC News. On Monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual … Continue reading

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Britain to write a check to the European Union for up to €50 billion

British voters opted about 18 months ago to leave the European Union. Prime minister Theresa May continues to deal with that ramifications of that vote And The Times reports that an important agreement with EU leaders has been reached. Theresa … Continue reading

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