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Tony Blair: If you’re on the left, you need to grow up

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has sent a blistering message to those on the left, whether they be in his country or in the United States. Politico reports that message is “the same feelings that gave rise to Brexit … Continue reading

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He tweeted “Trump Must Hang.” He likely will get fired. Does he have any regrets?

Politico examines what has happened to one university lecturer since he took to Twitter and encouraged the death of Donald Trump. Since the initial burst of notoriety, Maischak, who says he received hundreds of death threats on Twitter and email, … Continue reading

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Where is all the sturm and drang about the deficit???

The New York Times reports that as the national deficit continues to grow — and would get worse if the Trump tax plan becomes law — the cries for deficit reduction continue to grow…ever more silent. “It’s a great talking … Continue reading

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Are the military AND the NFL the bad guys in the “Take a Knee” debate?

The American Conservative suggests that the brouhaha over “Take a Knee” would have been muted if the military and the No Future League would have never gotten into bed (again) with each other. Remember that the players were not required … Continue reading

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Violent crime rose across America in 2016; Pittsburgh was no exception

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette suggests the Steel City mirrored most of America’s large cities in 2016, in at least one area: an uptick in violent crime. The increase in violent crime reflects a national trend: across the country, violent crime rose by … Continue reading

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Upon Further review…with The Podcast Profs — and there are two profs this week!

As you listen to this week’s podcast, Soren and I want to know which investigation will lead to more arrests: Trump/Russia or college basketball/bribery? Suffice to say, we have differing opinions!

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Attention western Pennsylvania: West Point grad harboring Commie views! (And the right wants him dead.)

NTD.TV reports that a West Point graduate with ties to western Pennsylvania is creating quiet a stir. Because he’s a Commie! Officer Spenser Rapone’s recent social media photo posts show him in military uniform with the slogan “Communism Will Win” … Continue reading

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