An open letter to the alt-right masquerading as Americans

Photo taken from a friend’s Facebook feed.

Note: The following was posted on a friend’s Facebook page. With his permission, I post it here. (I was traveling today, returning home from a conference. I am still learning about the horrible events in Virginia that prompted what my friend wrote.)

These Nazis are talking about THEIR America, so I’m going to talk about mine.

My America is a beautiful, generous, flawed, and frequently frustrating place.

My America welcomed Jews (thank you, Rhode Island) when no one else would in the sixteenth century.

My America was a child of the Enlightenment and a showcase of sustainable democracy.

My America admits its past mistakes and *learns from them*.

Mine is the America of Jonas Salk, Abigail Adams, Frederick Douglass, Robert Smalls (Google him, seriously), Amelia Earhart, Nellie Bly, Eugene Debs, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, and Fred Rogers.

My America went to the moon, and we went “in peace for all mankind.”

My America produces citizens willing, in the words of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, to “die to make men free.”

That’s my America. And you pathetic, vile, fascist sons of bitches will NOT cause her to perish from the earth.

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