A school year begins and up to 200 teachers are still needed

The next time you think that your child(ren)’s school district has too few teachers, remember what’s happening in Tucson, AZ.

Tucson.com has the mind-numbing numbers.

Tucson’s largest school district, TUSD, made up the bulk of those vacant teaching positions, with 120 as of Wednesday, July 26. Still, TUSD said it plans to place long-term substitute teachers in classrooms rather than hiring people with no formal training. …

The Vail School District, recognized as one of the top achieving districts in the state, however, has decided to give noncertified teachers a shot, putting 40 people with no formal training into classrooms.

“Teachers with no formal training” are working in one of the state’s top districts.

A perhaps more ominous issue comes later in the same story:

Arizona loses more than 40 percent of new teachers within the first three years, according to Douglas. Reasons include Arizona’s low wages and lack of support in the classrooms.

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