Meet the man who wants to move California’s conservatives to Texas

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 16Jan2017

The Los Angeles Times has the story.

He moved there late last year, bailing on his native California after a second failed run for Congress. In May, he started a company called Conservative Move, which aims to help other Republicans follow his example and escape blue states.

Its slogan is “Helping families move Right.”

Whether the company succeeds remains to be seen.

I’ve lived in both states, though I admit the number of years was significantly different. I called California home for roughly 20 years and Texas for two. I could make strong arguments for living in each; and, yes, the political divide can be cavernous.

Speaking in the most general of terms, I think those on the right would find Texas more palatable; similarly, I think those on the left would find California more to their liking. Yes, the rich progressive tradition in California could make those on the right feel as though they are being swallowed up by some liberal blob. Similarly, liberals could feel smothered by the deep conservative ideology evident in many Texas cities.

But to suggest that conservatives cannot comfortably live in California is as asinine as saying that liberals cannot find comfort in Texas.

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