Week 5 CFL Power Rankings

Byes? We don’t need no stinking byes! This week is the only one this season in which all nine CFL teams play.

Meanwhile, the first serious injury to a starting quarterback has put a damper on the BC Lions successful east coast trip.

Here are this week’s power rankings, with last week’s ranking appearing at the beginning of the parenthesis.

Edmonton (2, 3-0, at Hamilton): Three players who were expected to play prominent roles for this team are gone for the season, but, at least for now, the Esks are getting it done. Edmonton is in a stretch of four games in five weeks against the east.

BC Lions (3, 3-1, vs Winnipeg): The Lions went 4-0 on the road against the Eastern Division teams last year; they’re already 3-0 against them this year. The shoulder injury to Jonathan Jennings cannot be ignored, even with Travis Lulay as the backup.

Calgary (1, 2-1-1, vs Saskatchewan): The injuries and the first-half sputtering offense finally caught up to the Stamps. No way this team was going to be as good as last year, but right now Calgary is vulnerable.

Winnipeg (5, 2-1, at BC Lions): T. J. Heath already has four interceptions this season, but none was more meaningful for him than the one in the final minute of the win over Toronto. A chance to topple one of the league’s best teams comes this week.

Montreal (8, 2-2, at Ottawa): The Als cracked 20 points…no, wait, 30 for the first time this season in the win over Calgary. Nik Lewis needs only three catches to reach 1,000 in his career. Montreal plays three of the next four within the division.

Toronto (4, 2-2, vs Ottawa): Toronto’s two losses have come against Western Division opponents, and in both games the offense was stifled. And the running game, again, did nothing to help take some pressure off Ricky Ray in the loss at Winnipeg.

Saskatchewan (6, 1-2, at Calgary): The Roughriders play the Stamps and the Lions three times over the next four weeks. That stretch of games will provide a strong hint about the potential for this team to be a winner in 2017.

Ottawa (7, 0-3-1, vs Montreal, at Toronto): The heat is getting a little hotter; the champs have lost three games by a combined seven points. Two games in five days against east rivals could right the ship or send the REDBLACKS deeper into uncertainty.

Hamilton (9, 0-3, vs Edmonton): How bad might it get? The TiCats play Edmonton twice and Calgary over the next three weeks. A long, and bad, season is increasingly likely unless this team finds consistency on offense and defense.

Meanwhile, the ROUGE Standings:

BC Lions: 4
Calgary: 2
Toronto: 2

Hamilton: 1
Ottawa: 1
Saskatchewan: 1

Rest of League: 0
Honorable Mention, Dave Ridgway: 1

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