Top Iranian official: Saudi Arabia is a “terrorist state”

Flag of Iran; public domain image

Qatar, not typically the Middle East nation that first comes to mind when thinking of that part of the world, recently drew the ire of Saudi Arabia and several of its allies. Those nations cut off all relations with the tiny country, and they’ve demanded various internal changes before any discussion about normalizing relations will be considered.

One of Qatar’s allies is Iran. And as AFP reports, one of that country’s top military officials has had enough of Saudi Arabia.

In a speech at a Guards meeting in Tehran, he highlighted the threat from Saudi Arabia, which backs opposing sides to Iran in several regional conflicts.

“Today, the Saudis are becoming a terrorist state in the region,” he said.

“Today in our region only the countries that are powerful enough will remain safe,” he added.

“We face an enemy that only understands the language of force, so we cannot speak to the enemy with another language.”

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