Week 2 CFL Power Rankings

One of the league’s top defensive players likely is gone for the season. Does J.C. Sherritt’s injury, which likely is an Achilles tear, doom Edmonton? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the first two games of the 2017 CFL season were decided by one point. (Add in the third game and the total is only four points.) Just imagine if the last game of the season is decided by that same that margin.

Here are this week’s power rankings, with last week’s ranking prior to the team’s current record. And there’s a new weekly feature at the bottom.

CALGARY: (1, 0-0-1, vs Ottawa): No, the Stamps didn’t win their first game of the season, so keeping them here seems like a stretch. But Calgary rallied from being down (and almost out) against a team that always gives it fits. After this week, the Stamps hit the road for two straight games.

EDMONTON: (3, 1-0, vs Montreal): Mike Reilly and the Eskimos’ offense give any team a chance to be a champion, but does the loss of J.C. Sherritt (and Cory Greenwood in training camp) blunt any title hopes? Three Eastern Division opponents in a row should help the new lineup as it begins to gel.

TORONTO: (8, 1-0, vs BC Lions): Ricky Ray looked like he was 27, not 37, in the Argos’ convincing win over Hamilton. The attention afforded the offense stole the headlines from the “Dreaded Defense,” which shut down the TiCats all game long. The opponent should provide a tougher test this week.

WINNIPEG: (4, 0-0, at Saskatchewan): The Blue Bombers have their first chance to prove that the 2016 season was not a fluke. For what it’s worth, the last time the Blue Bombers opened the season at Saskatchewan, they won. That was in 2015. Will Winnipeg be looking ahead to Calgary coming to town next week?

BC Lions (2, 0-1, at Toronto): BC begins a three-game road trip against Eastern Division teams this week. They swept that division as the visitors in 2016. Jeremiah Johnson could wind up as the rushing champion with the touches he’s going to get this year. And how about Nick Moore and his 98 receiving yards in his first game in almost one year.

OTTAWA: (7, 0-0-1, at Calgary): Take away one turnover and some rather vanilla play calling from that fourth quarter one week ago, and the REDBLACKS almost certainly would have beaten Calgary again. What happens this week? Lost in the tie game was Trevor Harris throwing for 300 yards and three touchdowns to a new receiving corps.

MONTREAL: (9, 1-0, at Edmonton): The Als continue their season-opening stretch of four games against Western Division teams. But this week’s game will not have the baggage associated with the Week 1 win over Saskatchewan. B.J. Cunningham was the surprise leader in receiving yards, with 90, last week.

SASKATCHEWAN: (5, 0-1, vs Winnipeg): Wide right (or wide left). Perhaps the two worst words a kicker can hear. Tyler Crapigna is dealing with that this week. More importantly, the Roughriders are trying to avoid an 0-2 start for the third straight year. Jovon Johnson was in camp for just a few days but led the team in tackles at Montreal.

HAMILTON: (6, 0-1, BYE): Which was worse: The TiCats offense that didn’t get into the end zone, or the defense that allowed a 37-year-old quarterback to throw for more than 500 yards? It might get worse after the week off with Hamilton playing six straight games against Western Division teams.

Meanwhile, the ROUGE Standings:

BC Lions: 2
Hamilton: 1
Toronto: 1
Rest of League: 0

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