Road rage as cause of Muslim teen’s death remains under scrutiny

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 8Jan2017

The Globe and Mail sent a reporter to suburban Washington to explore why a Muslim teenager was killed. The journalist discovered justified doubt about the official version of what happened.

Police insist the murder was a “road-rage incident,” while many in the community say Ms. Hassanen was targeted because of her religion – she was wearing a hijab and an abaya. …

“It’s a hate crime,” Abas Sherif, 39, a relative of Ms. Hassanen’s by marriage, said on Wednesday morning as he sat outside her home, a brick walk-up apartment building. “This bunch of Muslim girls, wearing traditional Muslim clothes, are not the only people on the street. There are different people. So why was he targeting them?”

Go deeper into the story and you come across a telling statistic as to why so many Muslims living in the U.S. say they are afraid:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said in a statement that it will represent Ms. Hassanen’s family and vowed to monitor the investigation and “ensure a thorough examination of any possible bias aspects of the case.” Earlier this year, CAIR reported that it had logged 2,213 incidents of anti-Muslim bias in 2016, a 57-per-cent jump from the previous year.

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