MLS, to Cincinnati: Build a stadium. Cincinnati, to MLS: Nah. MLS, to Cincinnati: Hello, northern Kentucky!

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 27May2016

Deadspin examines a familiar tale: A sports team wants a new stadium built in a city, and significant opposition exists to such a deal.

FC Cincinnati has been, by any measure, a huge success. In 2016 it averaged 18,519 in attendance, drew 30,187 for a playoff game against the Charleston Battery, and packed Nippert Stadium with 35,061 fans for a friendly against the Premier League’s Crystal Palace. All in the first year of existence. …

FC Cincinnati is on the hunt for a new stadium, anywhere someone is willing to help pay for it. …

And now we’re to the all-too-familiar point in this recurring story where we talk about the benevolent owner—Carl Lindner III, whose family is worth an estimated $2 billion—who loves the region so much and is so thrilled about the prospect of what a new development could do for the city that he simply cannot afford to pay for the entire thing with his own money.

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