A 22-year-old male and a 17-year-old female dead; their deaths chip away at humanity

A 22-year-old male is dead. His crime? Trying to steal a political poster, if the regime that held him prisoner is to believed.

A 17-year-old female is dead? Her crime? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Where is our humanity?

Otto Warmbier was in North Korea a couple years ago, when he was arrested, charged, put on trial, convicted and sentenced to hard labor. The Associated Press picks up the story from there.

The UVa student was held for more than 17 months and medically evacuated from North Korea last week. Doctors said he returned with severe brain damage, but it wasn’t clear what caused it.

Warmbier died today. He was 22 years old.

An autopsy almost certainly will be done; but even if it identifies a cause of death, the punishment went well beyond the crime. A young man — and who knows what he might have accomplished in life — is gone.

Warmbier’s death was announced only a few hours after a 17-year-old Virginia teenager was killed. Nabra Hassanen was doing little more than exiting the mosque where she had been praying when something went very wrong. According to FOX 5 in Washington,

A man is facing charges after police say he killed a 17-year-old Reston girl whose body was believed to have been found in a pond hours after being reported missing during an early morning incident in Virginia. …

The 22-year-old suspect appeared in court on Monday for his arraignment and has been ordered held without bond.

On Monday afternoon, Fairfax County police say the killing appears to be the result of a road rage incident between Torres and the group of teenagers walking and riding bikes along a roadway. Police say they have no evidence that the murder was a hate crime and the victim was targeted because of her race or religion.

Road rage. And a 17-year-old young woman — and who knows what she might have achieved in life — is gone.

The normal wave of life is destroyed when the world loses its young. These are the people who bury their forebears; it shouldn’t ever be the other way around. An Ohio family and a Virginia family will never be whole.


Youthful exuberance. Gone.

A never-known number of dreams. Gone.

Potential accomplishments. Gone.

Where is our humanity?

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