An open letter to Bill Cosby


I didn’t follow the trial; so I can’t offer an opinion on the mistrial announced today, except to say that I respect the work that jurors do and will not criticize a decision they make.

Come to think of it, I respect jurors in a way you never respected women.

You’ve not been convicted of anything. But you’re still a despicable man who used your fame and fortune to prey on women.

Don’t give me the “all of these allegations are made up” nonsense. Unless there’s some giant conspiracy that involves more than 30 women each concocting stories that you tried to sexually assault them — and such an idea defies common sense — there’s only one conclusion: You’re a loser.

Hide inside your big house. Use the people who work for you to say nice things about you. Relish your freedom.

America’s Dad? My rump.

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