High school leaders: Read the graduation speech we gave you. High school student: Can’t do that. High school leaders: No diploma for you!

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jan2017

Ah, leadership.

A tricky thing.

Sometimes it’s used for good. And then there are those times when you wonder just how adult some adults really are.

As the Washington Post reports,

Marvin Wright, president of his high school senior class, spent two weeks working on his graduation speech, staying up till 5 on the morning of the event to finish.

But later that day, the principal of Southwest Edgecombe High in Pinetops, N.C., told him he would be giving a different address, a five-sentence paragraph prepared by the school administrators. He gave him no explanation.

With the support of his family and friends, Wright held his ground. And that upset school administrators. Soon,

all of the students lined up to receive their official diplomas. But one folder in the stack was missing: Marvin’s. His senior adviser informed him the principal had removed the diploma because Marvin had read the wrong speech.

Two days later, the principal

dropped [the diploma] off at [Wright’s] home at the request of the superintendent. The principal handed him the diploma, saying only, “If your mom has any questions just give me a call.” Then he left.

If the superintendent is to be believed, he is not happy about this situation.

“I have communicated with the family to apologize on behalf of the school,” Farrelly said in a statement to the Wilson Times. “The diploma never should have been taken from the student.”

What a mess.

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