FOX News no longer “fair and balanced”

Photo: Anthony Moretti 11Jan2017

An excerpt from today’s Morning Media NewsFeed, produced by AdWeek:

As Fox News moves further into the post–Roger Ailes era, the network is shedding one of its most iconic elements. According to network executives, Fox News has abandoned the marketing slogan “Fair & Balanced.” (New York / Daily Intelligencer)

The decision was reportedly made last August by Fox News co-president Jack Abernethy, because the phrase had “been mocked.” Other taglines over the years have included: “We Report, You Decide,” as well as “The Most Powerful Name in News.” (TVNewser)

Ailes, who died in May, built Fox News into cable’s highest-rated news network. A single sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes in July 2016 cascaded into a slew of allegations of harassment and racial discrimination as people associated with the network came forward. Ailes stepped down shortly after, but the network could not shake allegations of a hostile work environment. (HuffPost)

In its place, producers have been asked to use the network’s other slogan: “Most Watched. Most Trusted.” (CNN)

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