Baylor’s former president accused of being “willfully ignorant” to sexual harassment investigation

The Waco Tribune-Herald reports that when former Baylor University president David Garland was deposed about the sexual assault scandal surrounding the campus and the school’s football team, he appeared to be a man who knew nothing.

David Garland spent his last day as interim president of Baylor University telling a Waco attorney he does not know why the school was investigated for its institutional responses to sexual violence, nor was he curious to learn, according to a deposition filed in a Title IX lawsuit against Baylor. …

“You must take these things seriously and address them as best you can,” Garland said.

On Thursday, Dunnam said Garland’s lack of knowledge of the scandal is “staggering.”

“This guy is willfully ignorant of everything,” he said. “Who is running Baylor University? That’s part of the central issue in our case. Who did make these policy decisions? He doesn’t want to know who it was. It’s inexcusable.”


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